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Re: [Clip] cursor in paragraph, need find next blank line

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  • Ben Barnet
    ... Whoops! Make that; ^!Find n[ s]* n R ^!Select 0 ^!Jump +1 Ben
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 25, 2001
      I wrote:

      > > but, again sometimes is a space at beginning of lines, sometimes not.
      > > Thus ^!Find "^p^p" cannot work
      > Hmm. Do you mean that the line may not actually be blank, but may
      > contain spaces? Perhaps this will work;
      > ^!Find "\n[\s]*\n" R
      > ^!Select 0
      > ^!Select +1

      Whoops! Make that;

      ^!Find "\n[\s]*\n" R
      ^!Select 0
      ^!Jump +1

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