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Re: Re: Backing up files

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  • Mark Halsall
    Hi hrs, Thanks. I have a clumsy workaround - but it works: ^!Shell C: pkzipw pkzipw.exe C: temp test.zip C: temp test1.txt C: temp test2.txt ^!Delay 15 ;enter
    Message 1 of 8 , Oct 6, 2001
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      Hi hrs,

      Thanks. I have a clumsy workaround - but it works:

      ^!Shell C:\pkzipw\pkzipw.exe C:\temp\test.zip C:\temp\test1.txt
      ^!Delay 15
      ;enter into Save As dialog box
      ^!Keyboard #C:\temp\testx.zip# ENTER

      Funny thing is that C:\temp\test.zip is TOTALLY ignored.
      C:\temp\test1.txt is ignored if wrapped in double quotes
      C:\temp\test2.txt is ignored if wrapped in double quotes.

      Very odd.

      I see Jody's Noteback clip uses
      ^!F:\Programs\WinZip\WinZip32.exe -min -a -en
      ^%ZipPath%^$StrLower("^$GetName(^##)$")$-otl.zip ^##

      So perhaps it would be simplest for me to get WinZip instead of PKZip.


      > Hi Mark,
      > Sorry for the delay in answering. I think you may have
      > better luck if you use the following command line;
      > ^!Shell C:\pkzipw\pkzipw.exe "C:\temp\test.zip"
      > "C:\temp\test.txt"
      > The command line in your message is at conflict. Pkzipw.exe
      > is a windows program yet, you are trying to run it in DOS.
      > I tried this but it seems I must have some pkzipw options
      > set up wrong. Try looking in your Windows\temp folder for
      > any files you have experimented with. That's where pkzipw
      > put my experiments, after zipping.
      > hrs
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