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Re: [Clip] Subject: [Re: Backing up files]

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  • Harvey R. Savage
    ... Hi Mark, There may be others but, these are all I could find in PKzip/Win help pertaining to options. I don t know if the options from the Dos version are
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2001
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      Mark Halsall wrote:
      > Hi Alan,
      > I can't find anything about command line options for my PKZip for
      > Windows. However I do have PKZip 204c for DOS somewhere which may
      > well be worth reinstalling in my Windows 95 if necessary. I'd
      > appreciate some "examples".
      > Mark

      Hi Mark,

      There may be others but, these are all I could find in PKzip/Win
      help pertaining to options. I don't know if the options from the
      Dos version are applicable to the Win version. I haven't used it
      for a long time but PKZip for DOS has several command line
      options. You can access those by running pkzip w/o options.

      ------begin Win options----------
      Open an Archive
      To open an archive, append the archive name after the PKZIP
      program name such as:

      pkzipw <archive_name.zip>

      An example,
      pkzipw compressedfile.zip

      This command will invoke PKZIP for Windows and automatically open
      the named archive.

      Create a New Archive
      To create a new archive, append the file name of the archive to
      create followed by the list of files to add to the archive. Note,
      the archive name must end in the .ZIP extension. The archive will
      be created in the current folder.

      pkzipw <archive_name.zip> <list of files to compress, separated
      with spaces>

      An example,
      pkzipw test.zip file1.doc file2.doc

      This command will invoke PKZIP for Windows, create a new archive
      and add the list of files to the archive.
      ------end options--------

      Also, if your pkzip for dos (2.04c) is the free version, you
      should try to find an upgrade to (2.04g), I'm pretty sure that
      was the last freebie version. I couldn't locate it on PKwares
      website though.

      Since this is the clips list, and Jody won't get on my case, I'll
      include 3 short clips written by other list members, I don't
      recall who. These are similar but may help you build your own.
      I put a blank line with a semi-colon between all the lines to
      help with email unwrapping.

      Sorry, I don't have any thing else in the way of 'examples'.

      ---------start of clips
      H="PKZip clip"
      ^!set %zipopts%=^?[compression commandline options=-rp]
      ^!set %destdir%=^?[(t=d)select destination directory of
      ^!set %destzip%=^?[(t=o)first name only- of destination
      ^!set %sourcefiles%=^?[(t=o)source directory and files to

      ^!dos "d:\pkware\pkzip.exe" "^%zipopts%" "^%destdir%^%destzip%"

      ^!set %zopts%=^?[commandline options (in dos for help type
      "pkzip", press enter)=-rp]
      ^!set %zfolder%=^?[(t=d)directory to save in (end in
      ^!set %zfile%=^?[(t=s)first name *only* of zipfile to create or
      add to, no ext=zipfile_name]
      ^!set %file2zip%=^?[(t=o)dir and file(s) to zip (wildcards ok- ?
      or * )=h:\xxxxx\*.*]

      ^!dos d:\pkware\pkzip.exe ^%zopts% ^%zfolder%^%zfile% ^%file2zip%

      ^!set %folder%=^?[(t=d)parent folder to zip from (end in
      ^!set %filename%=^?[(t=o)name only of zipfile]
      ^!set %options%=^?[options with preceding characters like a
      ^!chdir "^%folder%"
      ^!continue "^%folder%^%filename%" ^%options% continue?

      ^!dos d:\pkware\pkzip.exe "^%folder%^%filename%" ^%options%

      ----------end of clips

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