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Re: Yahoo Digest to Outline

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  • h.paulissen
    Yahoo is doing a little weird today (updating or so, I don t know whether this message has been sent, apologies for double posting) Hello Amitava, ... already
    Message 1 of 14 , Oct 1, 2001
      Yahoo is doing a little weird today (updating or so, I don't know
      whether this message has been sent, apologies for double posting)

      Hello Amitava,

      > Hi Mark, Hugo, Christine, Jody
      > I've been following this thread right from the beginning as I had
      > written some clips for this and had been using them. In fact I had
      sent the
      > whole lot in a post to this group. I realize now that it had been
      > longwinded that few must have had the patience to examine them.

      Yes, that's right (but I thank you for beginning the discussion). I
      took some time now and took a look at your clips. For one reason or
      another I couldn't get your clips to work. They do something, but I
      cannot see the outline files as I want them. I didn't have the time
      to see what goes wrong.

      > Just a few points FWIW:
      > 1. I tend to go the "one main clip and a number of sub-clips"
      route as the
      > task of trying to decipher and debug one long clip tends to
      overheat my
      > brain! So instead of a clip I have a library, and will send it to
      anyone who
      > is interested.

      If you have another version than the one that appeared on the list
      some weeks ago (which I was trying to work with) I'd be happy to
      receive a copy in my private email-address!

      > 3. I tend to keep all the resulting outlines in sub folders under
      > Outlines Folder like so "C:\Program files\NoteTab
      Pro\Outlines\Clip Digests"
      > and so on.

      Good idea; but personaly I didn't want to put much effort in saving
      digests etc. because the archives are normally open on the web.
      Besides, I don't have the time to open/reread the digests anyway.

      > 4. I keep the "Re:" part intact in the outline headings. That way
      it seems
      > to be easier to follow the discussion threads.
      > 5. Like Mark I keep the topics in the "Overview section, and
      format them as
      > hyperlinks. The messages can be accessed from either this section
      or from
      > the outline pane. A belt and braces approach, but more convenient
      than any
      > one method IMHO.

      It seems as if there are different specifications for different
      users <g>. When working on these kind of joined-effort clips it
      tends to be the case that everyone uses a different approach -
      everyone is looking for another end-result. In my view it is a way
      to see how others do certain tasks, and if you are satisfied with a
      piece of code, reuse it or just adapt it to your own needs...

      Maybe it would be wise to first identify the exact needs before the
      actual clipping takes place.

      > 6. Example clips: Hugo's approach changes the "H="s to "X="s at
      the start of
      > the process and converts them back at the end, in effect leaving
      > unchanged. I notice that when the outline is opened, these headers

      You're right: I forgot to search for the whole clip. I just did some
      testing with the digests I still have. There will be other issues,
      definitely! In the END-section of the clip

      ^!Replace "X=" >> "H=" AS should read
      ^!Replace "X=" >> "H=" WAS

      (Just found that out this morning when I saw X=... in my digested

      > Commenting the headers, if any, at the beginning of the process
      leaves them
      > connected to their respective messages, and it is not too
      troublesome when
      > one is copying the example into a library.
      > I would be interested in your comments.

      It would be nice if you could sent me one of your digests in .txt as
      well, to see how your digests look like. I suspect nothing much
      different from what I have, but you never know!


    • Mark Halsall
      I thought I might post my current version of this - if anyone s interested. I find it indispensable. Thanks to Jorma and Elizabeth for help with
      Message 2 of 14 , Oct 5, 2001
        I thought I might post my current version of this - if anyone's
        interested. I find it indispensable. Thanks to Jorma and Elizabeth
        for help with ^$StrReplace.

        After much bafflement I've worked out that Jody's Noteback uses
        OnClipboardChange event. I'm new to this, but it looks so powerful
        it's scary. Perhaps there's a place for it here.


        H="Yahoo Digest to Outline"
        ; Marks version, credits to Jody and Hugo
        ; Cut and paste digest into a NEW Notepad document BEFORE RUNNING
        ; Jump between hyperlinks with minimal keystrokes
        ; Ctrl+Alt+Home to return to Topic List
        ; Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down to move up/down messages quickly
        ; Can sort digest messages with right-click "Sort Headings" in header

        ^!SetHintInfo Working...
        ^!SetScreenUpdate OFF
        ^!ShowHeadings FALSE
        ;beware of very long subjects
        ^!SetWordWrap OFF
        ;don't mess up the wrong document
        ^!If ^$StrCopy(^$GetDocName$;1;6)$<>"NoName" EXIT

        ^!MkDir "^$GetDocumentPath$Groups"
        ^!IfFileExist "^$GetDocumentPath$Groups\Digest.otl" SKIP
        ^!If ^$IsOpen(^$GetDocumentPath$Groups\Digest.otl)$=1 NEXT ELSE SKIP
        ^!Close ^$GetDocumentPath$Groups\Digest.otl DISCARD
        ^!DeleteFile ^$GetDocumentPath$Groups\Digest.otl

        ^!Replace "[Non-text portions of this message have been removed]" >>
        "" WAS
        ^!Replace "[This message contained attachments]" >> "" WAS
        ^!Replace "Your use of Yahoo.*$" >> "" WARS
        ^!Replace "^pH=" >> "^pH(WITHINMESSAGE)=" WAIS
        ^!Replace "_+\n_+" >> "END OF MESSAGE" WARS

        ^!Find "Message: 1^p" W
        ^!SelectTo 1:1
        ^!InsertText = V4 Outline MultiLine NoSorting TabWidth=30^p^p
        ;hyphen space so TOPIC LIST header always sorts to top
        ^!Set %Topics%=^pH="- TOPIC LIST -"^p

        ^!Find "^Message: " SR
        ^!IfError Finish
        ^!Jump SELECT_END
        ^!Select EOL
        ^!Set %ID%=^$GetSelection$
        ^!If ^$StrSize(^%ID%)$=1 ^!Set %ID%=0^%ID%
        ;if you really want the date you can open the original
        ^!InsertText [- TOPIC LIST -]^p
        ^!Find "From: "
        ^!Jump SELECT_END
        ^!Select EOL
        ^!Set %From%=^$GetSelection$
        ^!Find "Subject: " S
        ^!Jump SELECT_END
        ;highlight subject with [] to make prominent
        ^!InsertText [
        ^!Select EOL
        ^!Set %Subject%=^$GetSelection$
        ;watch out for square brackets in subject
        ^!Set %Subject%=^$StrReplace("[";"{";"^%Subject%";False;False)$
        ^!Set %Subject%=^$StrReplace("]";"}";"^%Subject%";False;False)$
        ^!Set %Topics%=^%Topics%[^%Subject% (^%ID%)] ^%From%^p
        ^!Jump LINE_END
        ^!InsertText ]
        ;insert header
        ^!Jump -2
        ^!InsertText ^pH=^%Subject% (^%ID%)^p
        ^!Jump +2
        ^!Goto Loop1

        ^!Jump 2
        ^!InsertText ^%Topics%
        ^!Select ALL
        ^!Delay 3
        ^!Keyboard ALT+M A L
        ;delete from TOPIC LIST only
        ^!Replace "END OF MESSAGE" >> "" SH
        ;delete multiple blank lines
        ^!Replace "^p^p^p" >> "^p^p" WAS
        ^!IfError Next else Skip_-1
        ;disable H= if within message
        ^!Replace "^pH(WITHINMESSAGE)=" >> "^p===== CLIP FOLLOWS =====^pH="
        ^!Save AS ^$GetDocumentPath$Groups\Digest.otl
        ^!Close ^$GetDocumentPath$Groups\Digest.otl
        ^!Open "^$GetDocumentPath$Groups\Digest.otl"
        ;remove email addresses from Topic List
        ^!Select ALL
        ^!Replace "\s<[A-Z_.-0-9]+@[A-Z_.-0-9]+>$" >> "" HARIS
        ^!Jump 1

        :HTML OPTION
        ;For those of you that want the HTML option remove the following line
        ^!GoTo EXIT

        ^!Continue Open the outline as HTML? - Cancel to use outline
        ;^!ToolBar Remove Heading ;^!Keyboard ENTER ;doesn't seem to work
        ^!Keyboard Shift+F6 Shift+Ctrl+R Enter
        ^!Replace "END OF MESSAGE" >> "" WAS
        ^!Replace "[- TOPIC LIST -]^p" >> "" WAS
        ^!ToolBar Document to HTML
        ^!Replace "{<TITLE>}.*" >> "\1Yahoo Digest</TITLE>" R
        ^!Keyboard F8
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