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Re: [Clip] Re: Help, I forgot

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  • Jody
    Hi LaurieK, ... They are two different things. Read the first three topics in Readme.otl (that is a NoteTab Outline itself) found in NoteTab s main folder.
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 5, 2001
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      Hi LaurieK,

      >And how does one use/make/handle outlines? Should I be doing
      >this before getting into the Clips?

      They are two different things. Read the first three topics in
      Readme.otl (that is a NoteTab Outline itself) found in NoteTab's
      main folder.

      >I started read the clip help file from NTP... even printed the
      >entire thing, I start reading about variables, events and ^thas
      >and ^that and my mind want HUH and I put it away.

      I think variables might be too far along for you just now. Read
      the following topics in Help if you have not done so yet.

      Create Clipbook Libraries
      Clip Language - Introduction
      Clip Basics
      Clip Language - Clip Wizard and Fields

      >Thing is, I have decided that *I* am going to be the NTP
      >AUTHORITY and *I* am going to teach YOU and JODY a few things...
      >now THATs how good I'm gonna get...

      That's the spirit! (I'll be the first to tell you I learn new
      tricks at times from list members. None of us knows it all at
      least that is my take on it.;)


      You wrote:

      > I'm attempt to KNOW NTP and there is also mention of merging
      > email into one file and actually outlining it.... email to otl?
      > I use Outlook Express, will this tool work for me and where
      > does one find it.

      I have an eMail to Outline in my Outline Library. Like a lot of
      my Libraries, I'm not quite sure how well they are working dues
      to program changes. As far as converting a directory of OE eMail
      to an Outline you would need to save your mailboxes as .eml files
      I believe. I don't use it myself, so I am not exactly sure of
      the process. Another easy route you could take is try out Eric's
      MailBag Assistant that has a tool to create NoteTab Outlines from
      OE4/5 and other supported mail clients with a few clicks.
      Download from http://www.fookes.com/mailbag

      If you need to discuss my Outline Library, please write me in
      private eMail since it does not concern the others.


      Happy Clip'n!


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