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Re: [Clip] Alan C - Running a PHP script from NT

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  • Alan C.
    Hi Mark, ... ^!IfAppOpen AppTitle skip_2 ^!Shell C: perl bin Apache.exe -f C:/perl/conf/httpd.conf ^!delay 3 Change skip to skip_2 so it will now skip your
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 31 10:35 PM
      Hi Mark,

      > > ^!IfAppOpen AppTitle skip
      > > ^!Shell C:\perl\bin\Apache.exe -f "C:/perl/conf/httpd.conf"

      >hit refresh it then runs fine. How does one do a time delay? About a

      ^!IfAppOpen AppTitle skip_2
      ^!Shell C:\perl\bin\Apache.exe -f "C:/perl/conf/httpd.conf"
      ^!delay 3

      Change skip to skip_2 so it will now skip your execution line AND the delay line.

      For increments of delay in Ntab menu

      help > help topics > click the find tab

      type in delay (your find criteria)

      ShellWait is more designed to accomplish: 1. get one app launched; 2. the "wait" in shellwait means wait until the first app launches, does its task
      *AND* closes (shuts down); 3. After all of those events ocur then launchs a second, different app.

      Delay would probably be more convenient (and appropriate) for you since you do not want Apache to close down before you open the (2nd) app of your web browser. Also, ^!url command handles your web browser ok (most likely)

      Ntab's SampleCode library, its Batch clip demos.

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