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[Clip] Now available: ClipWriter 1.0

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  • RS
    Hi All, ClipWriter 1.0 is now available at: http://home.att.net/~ptools/ClipWriter/cw.htm Those who participated in the beta testing will find that this
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 1999
      Hi All,

      ClipWriter 1.0 is now available at:


      Those who participated in the beta testing will find that this release is
      almost an upgrade. Several new features were added, besides improving those
      already existing, particularly the Command LookUp Wizard which wasn't ready
      on time for the last beta, and which completes the "how-to/what-the"
      essential survival kit of which the first part was the CommandsHelp panel.
      Another very much needed feature was the support for full spelling of
      commands and functions, since it is impossible to remember all the
      shortcuts. Now, it's there.

      There is a what's new list in the package, for the curious and adventurous.

      I wish to thank all those who collaborated with their support, reports and
      suggestions, both privately and through the ClipWriter mailing list; and,
      in particular, Jody Adair who endured the worst part of the alpha testing
      and almost drove me nuts with his bug reports. Thanks!

      Here's a brief description for those that may not have heard of ClipWriter

      ClipWriter is a state-of-the-art alternative Clip Editor for NoteTab which
      combines a user friendly, highly customizable interface with the look and
      feel of an IDE, with features that will save you time and effort in both
      programming and debugging. For those new to programming NoteTab ClipWriter
      provides a smoother, easier way to start learning, while for the advanced
      user it means a high productivity tool which usefulness will become more
      and more evident as time goes by.

      Here's a list of ClipWriter's main features:

      * Command LookUp Wizard- This Wizard will help
      you find quickly the commands you need. No more
      changing Tabs to get to a reference OTL.
      Everything is now right there, in front of your

      * Macros - In addition to creating your own
      shortcut keys to speed up your typing, you
      can also define real multiline Macros. A real
      time-saver. This feature has the added benefit
      of streamlining the use of components for

      Temporary Macros and Shortcut keys are also
      possible as explained in the Help files.

      * Syntax Highlighting - Your choice of Full
      Color or NoteTab Color Emulation for faster

      * Shortcut Keys - Type one, two or three
      letters instead of a full command. Shortcut
      Keys are fully customizable.

      * Syntax Wizard - No more trying to figure
      out which parameters should go in a function.
      You just fill in the blanks!

      * On-the-fly tips on Syntax and usage for
      more than 220 commands. - Updated as you
      type. You'll never be at a loss as to what a
      command means, or which parameters are in

      * True permanent bookmarks - Bookmarks
      persist from one session to another. Since
      they are embedded in the text, you'll be able
      to see them in NoteTab, too! The advantage of
      this approach is self evident.

      * Personal Stamp - A customizable stamp
      which includes the time and date plus any
      other information you want to be
      automatically inserted in every Clip you
      create. This also helps in making each Clip
      version unique. (If you have programmed
      many versions of the same Clip, you'll be
      familiar with the "Which's The Latest?"
      syndrome. No more wondering about which
      version came after which!)

      * Publish - Have one or more Clips sent to
      the Clipboard ready to paste into your web
      page or email message).

      * Port - Copy Clips in batch to another
      Library. Just select the ones you want.

      * Comment Block - To comment out selected
      text. You know how tedious and distracting it
      is to have to comment out many lines of text
      one by one. There is also an Uncomment
      Block to reverse the effect.

      * Clip Inspector - Provides a view of all
      the variables in a Clip, and the lines where
      they appear. You'll be able to tell, all at a
      glance, whether or not they have been
      initialized and where their contents were
      changed, without need to scan your code line by
      line. When you identify a trouble spot, a
      double-click will take you to that place. That

      The ClipInspector also allows you to inspect
      references to Labels, and even provides a list
      of every single command or function used in your
      code. Any of these is just a click away.



      PS.- This is a NoteTab related program, and is announced to the NoteTab
      Lists with the authorization of Jody Adair, which was duly requested. -:)


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