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Re: [Clip] ^!RenameFile (was SetErrorLabel odd behavior)

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  • Jody
    Hi Harvey, Variables also work. ^!Set %old%=E: NoteTab Pro Documents 1.jwa; %new%=E: NoteTab Pro Documents 111.jwa ^!RenameFile ^%old% ^%new% I have made
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 2, 2001
      Hi Harvey,

      Variables also work.

      ^!Set %old%=E:\NoteTab Pro\Documents\1.jwa; %new%=E:\NoteTab Pro\Documents\111.jwa
      ^!RenameFile "^%old%" "^%new%"

      I have made the mistake before (x2) trying to rename a file and
      having the new name in a different folder. I even got as far as
      writing the bug report until I said, "Duh" before sending it. ;)

      >> >There seems to be a problem with ^!RenameFile "file_a" "file_b"
      >> It is working for me using the full path to the file in Pro. It
      >> will not rename an open file on the tab, but does do it on the
      >> drive which is correct behavior to the best of my knowledge.

      >You probably have a legitimate point, I was trying to use
      >Variables in place of literal filenames.

      Happy Clip'n!


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