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"New Web Page" clip

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  • dan@fairness.com
    Another newbie clip question... I m guessing an easy one. The New Web Page clip, the top clip on NoteTab s HTML clip library, invokes a wizard to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1 7:27 PM
      Another "newbie" clip question... I'm guessing an easy

      The "New Web Page" clip, the top clip on NoteTab's
      HTML clip library, invokes a wizard to automatically
      create a Template for new web pages (eg web page title,
      description, keywords, etc.).

      I want to add some things to the standard page and also
      take away the "creation date" line... but I don't know how
      to do this!

      1) When I try to edit that clip, I get:

      ^!Open ^$GetTemplatePath$HTML.tpl

      I can't fine a file or clip with this name to edit to make
      changes... what should I do?

      2) View|Options|Advanced gives me access to most or
      all of those fields for when I convert an existing
      documents to HTML, but it doesn't appear to have any
      impact on the "New Web Page" clip.

      Thanks in advance for any ideas!

      PS--- One of the fields given is "email address". It seems
      to remember and use the most recently used address
      input for that field. Is this correct, or is my email
      information stored somewhere?
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