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Can't Insert variables as Text

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  • psteeper@ns.sympatico.ca
    Hello Everyone, This is a subset of a clip I m working on: H= Picture Page ^!SET %picpath%=^?[(1;T=D)Folder for pictures to be processed=D: Web
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2001
      Hello Everyone,

      This is a subset of a clip I'm working on:

      H="Picture Page"

      ^!SET %picpath%=^?[(1;T=D)Folder for pictures to be processed=D:\Web
      ^!SET %alttext%=^?{(2;T=W)Alternate Text}
      ^!Set $picfile$=^$GetFileName(^$GetFileFirst(^%picpath%;*.jpg;NAME)$)$
      ^!Set $Height$=^$GetImgHeight(^$GetFileFirst(^%picpath%;*.jpg;NAME)$)$
      ^!Set $Width$=^$GetImgWidth(^$GetFileFirst(^%picpath%;*.jpg;NAME)$)$
      ^!InsertText ^$picfile$ ^$Height$ ^$Width$ ^%alttext%

      The variable that holds text %altext% will insert fine.

      The variables $picfile$, $Height$ and $Width$ generate syntax errors
      when I try to use them with ^!InsertText. Any idea what's happening?

      I'm using Notetab Pro 4.85 and Windows 2000.


      Peter Steeper
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