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Re: [Clip] Controlling the Quicklist

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  • Jody
    Hi Clint, ... Yes, using the ^!Keyboard command. OK, I got carried away. ;) H=QuickList ; Last Updated 01-02-2001,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2001
      Hi Clint,

      >Is there a way to control the quicklist with a clip?

      Yes, using the ^!Keyboard command. OK, I got carried away. ;)

      <--- Copy below this line --->
      ; Last Updated 01-02-2001, Sojourner@..., jody
      ; Sample to open Quick List with different commands, a variable, and
      ; key strokes. Shorter methods, even one clickers can be made or
      ; setting more variables using braces in the wizard so functions can
      ; be used. Defaults are set to open the disk list and browse window.

      ; Sets focus to list item picked; opens Quick List if closed.
      ^!SetFocus ^?[&Open in==List_Clip|_List_Disk|List_Docs|List_Favs]
      ; Sets list item chosen or type in inside the variable %Focus%
      ^!Set %Focus%=^?[&Set focus to=_List^=No|Combobox^=Tab|Favorite^=E:\NoteTab Pro\Documents\*]
      ; Tests to see if List was chosen above and ends if so.
      ^!IfFalse ^%Focus% End
      ; Tests to see if "^%Focus%" is the same as "Tab" and if not,
      ; skips over the next three lines of instruction.
      ^!IfSame "^%Focus%" "Tab" Next else Skip_3
      ; Sends the tab key stroke to set focus on combobox.
      ^!Keyboard ^%Focus%
      ; Opens combobox content menu and chooses "B" for Browse
      ^!Keyboard Shift+F10 B
      ; Ends script
      ^!Goto End
      ; Sets focus on combobox like above, but sends the text contained in
      ; ^%Focus% when "Favorite" is used. Delays for 10 milliseconds and
      ; then sends the key stroke "Enter". Delays another 10 and then
      ; sends a Ctrl+F6 to focus list items in Quick List. Note: No
      ; testing statement is needed, because it is the only thing left to
      ; do. It would not hurt to put one in though.
      ^!Keyboard Tab #^%Focus%# &10 Enter &10 Ctrl+F6

      :Setup in separate Clip removing ;comments before both "^!".
      ; Example of one clicker (provided you have "Single Click to Execute"
      ; checked in Options. Opens ..\Application Path\Documents\*.*
      ; ^!SetFocus List_Disk
      ; Function (GetDocumentPath) adds path to NoteTab's Documents folder.
      ; #Any text#
      ; ^!Keyboard Tab #^$GetDocumentPath$*.*# &10 Enter
      ; Now, leave me be, so I can get back to beta testing NoteTab Pro beta#1
      :ha ha <very big grin>

      <--- Copy above this line, right --->
      <--- click over a Library, and --->
      <--- choose "Add from Clipboard" --->

      Happy Clip'n!


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