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Re: [Clip] Move File clip

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  • Jody
    Hi Mark, ... Sure! ... ^?{(T=O)Move file....ext)=^##} ... ^?{(T=O)Move file....ext=^$GetDocName$} ... ^!Set
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2000
      Hi Mark,

      >I'm trying to get the MoveFile clip below to list the focused
      >file, including the extension, in the wizard along with the path.
      >Is this possible?


      >^!MoveFile "^?{(T=O)Move file from where, full path (type in
      >filename.ext)=^$GetPath$}" "^?{(T=D)Move to where, end in
      >backslash, no file name}"

      ^?{(T=O)Move file....ext)=^##}
      ^?{(T=O)Move file....ext=^$GetDocName$}
      ^!Set %FullPath%=^$GetPath(^##)$^$GetName(^##)$^$GetExt(^##)$
      ^?{(T=O)Move file....ext=^%FullPath%}

      Sometimes you will only want the path, name, or ext; you can do that
      with the latter.

      ^?{(T=D)Move to...name=C:\|D:\|_^$GetDocumentPath$Backup|etc.}

      **This is important**

      Be careful when using ^!Movefile in version 4.83 Pro. I did not
      test Std/Light.

      If you goof and use the following format trying to move a single
      file to a *non-existing directory* and *do not* end the destination
      in a backslash, the file will be completely deleted:

      ^!Movefile "G:\TestHTML\imgtag1.html" "G:\Test"

      The following prompts saying the folder does not exist, create it?

      ^!Movefile "G:\TestHTML\*.*" "G:\Test"
      ^!Movefile "G:\TestHTML\*.*" "G:\Test\"

      Nothing happens with this if the folder does not exist:

      ^!Movefile "G:\TestHTML\imgtag1.html" "G:\Test\"

      Eric is aware of the problem and will put some code in to safeguard
      against it.

      Happy Clip'n!


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