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Re: [Clip] Re: passing external variables to a clip

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  • Tom Gudan
    Thanks, Alan. You re right it is so much fun! Tom
    Message 1 of 10 , Nov 21, 2000
      Thanks, Alan.

      You're right it is so much fun!


      Alan wrote:

      > --- In ntb-clips@egroups.com, tpg@u... wrote:
      > > I need to pass external variables to a clip. By "external" I mean
      > I
      > > can't use anything in NoteTab's folder, sub-folders, .ini file,
      > > Favorites, etc.
      > >
      > > I have other software that can use system variables as parameters.
      > > Under Windows NT, system variables are specified through Control
      > > Panel, then System, then Environment. With Windows 95, similar
      > > variables are specified through autoexec.bat by using the SET
      > > command. Can I access system variables within a clip?
      > I experimented, the following works. But it works only for that (the 1
      > open console) console session. IOW you can use your Windows programs menu
      > and go from there to open the dos console (open a 2nd console window) and
      > the changes will not be effected therein. (it's in like manner to a windows
      > shortcut can have its own settings)
      > Note: ^!Info is 2nd code line (The first code line, Set is one long line)
      > ^!Set %bat%=^?[(H=22)choose one=="set
      > PATH=C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND;C:\;C:\PKWARE;D:\;D:\TEMP"|path=%path%;c:\misc;b:\;d:\install]
      > ^!Info ^%bat%
      > ^!Deletefile Doscmd.bat
      > ^!TextToFile "Doscmd.bat" @echo off^%nl%^%bat%
      > ^!Dos "Command.com /k" "doscmd.bat"
      > ;------<end of code<<
      > I wonder what the /k switch is for?
      > If you choose to trial the code, it will create C:\Program Files\NoteTab
      > Pro\Doscmd.bat (or whatever your path to your NoteTab exe directory)
      > (borrowed some from Larry T's DosLink clip).
      > The first two wizard choices set the entire path. The third choice appends
      > onto an existing path.
      > Must make sure you have all them drives and etc. or it will come up with
      > error (my B: drive is a Zip drive I had to insert a disk into the drive
      > before it all would work)
      > ^!Command.com /k doscmd.bat also works as a replacement for the last
      > line of code.
      > The only other way I found that would work was to first launch the console
      > then use keyboard command to keyboard everything in then ENTER (but that
      > was much slower since had to watch and wait for the clip to type)
      > Guess a replacement for my ;------<end of code<< line could be some
      > keyboard commands to launch a console app. (instead of setting for
      > c:\pkware in my autoexec.bat I could append to path as above then run my
      > PkZip for DOS clip) Also could ^!ChDir at the very begining if need the
      > console prompt to come up at a certain directory.
      > So much fun :-) Regards. Alan.
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