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Re: [Clip] GetWord is very buggy - please fix (ar clip/wrap depends on this)

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  • Jody
    Hi java programmer, ... I read your post again now that I had time. I believe you are perhaps wanting to use terminology other than IS EXTREMELY INCOMPLETE
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 30, 2000
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      Hi java programmer,

      >For example, if I have the sentence,
      >foo bar xyz
      >GetWord will return foo every time, unless I
      >manually move the cursor by size of foo + 1
      >chars before calling GetWord the next time.
      >Which is fine, I can do that, but a GetNextWord
      >function would be very nice. Anyway,
      >the problem is a sentence like:
      >foo bar = haha
      >GetWord refuses to give me back the "=" character,
      >i.e it does not work on all words ! This is very
      >frustrating and needs to be fixed...

      I read your post again now that I had time. I believe you are
      perhaps wanting to use terminology other than "IS EXTREMELY
      INCOMPLETE AND BUGGY" and demanding that it be fixed. It is not
      broke. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! :)

      ^$GetWord$ is acting exactly the way it should. "=" is not a
      word and therefore it will not be returned. It is a character
      though and ^$GetChar$ will return it for you when the cursor is
      on the left side of it, at it.

      All the ^$GetWord$, ^$GetChar$, ^$GetBlock$, etc. are designed to
      return exactly what it is looking for at the cursor *if* it is
      there. Perhaps ^$GetBlock$ will work in your case. I have used
      it in the past as a work around when dealing with things like you
      are running into. I suggest you rewrite your Clip to make it
      work for what you need it to do. Perhaps use RegExp to find the
      next character or something. I believe if you think about it for
      awhile and look at what you have available you will find a way to
      do what you need to do. Perhaps simply add some testing
      statements in your Clip.

      We run into little things like this all the time writing Clips
      and it is not the fault of NoteTab, but we simply have to find a
      way to code our Clips to work. That is why we see some threads
      go on for awhile till somebody's problem gets solved. We have
      over 850 commands and functions to choose from and sometimes a
      hack job needs to be done even with that many. If ^$GetBlock$
      works, even though that is not what it is intended to do, go for
      it! :)

      Happy Clip'n!


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