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Re: [Clip] Using Playback does not appear to work

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  • Jody
    Hi David, ... When you copied ntp , OnClipboardChange executed, and it started acting as a regular Clip at that point. Instead of clicking on the Clip to
    Message 1 of 13 , Oct 24, 2000
      Hi David,

      >Windows Workstation NT4 SP 5

      > As I mentioned, I use the PasteBack feature hundreds of times a
      > day and it is always accurate for me.

      >> It can *only* copy the code in the clip you type in according to the script. Try it is a different program and see if you get the same results. PasteBack, PlayBack, and TypeBack are funny creatures in that each program you use them in can act a bit differently. You just need to play with them and your code to find something that works.

      When you copied "ntp", OnClipboardChange executed, and it started
      acting as a regular Clip at that point. Instead of clicking on
      the Clip to activate it, a Clipboard change does it. The command
      below says to copy the Clip that is on the Clipboard. If, the
      Clipboard's contents does not contain a Clipname, the it errors.
      The next command ^!IfError detects the error and Exits the
      script. So, as you can see, according to the script, it is
      impossible to get "ch"'s contents like you were getting for

      ^!CopyClip ^$GetClipboard$
      ^!IfError Exit

      ... and of course if there was a match, the contents of the Clip
      matched are on on the Clipboard. ^!Pasteback says to paste the
      Clipboard contents into the application that called it in the
      first place.


      >1. Access violation at address 77F64776 in module 'ntdll.dll'.
      >Read of address 0000006D
      >2. Win32 Error. Code: 18. There are no more files.

      and you added somewhere:

      >All applications that I have tried are now working properly?!!!!
      >Excel, Word, Wordpad, Oracle Procedure Builder, even Textpad (my
      >colleagues use it, I prefer NoteTab)

      This is what I believe happened to you. When I made the
      statement about it never failing for me out of hundreds of uses a
      day it was very broadly applied as a generic thing so to speak. I
      had got errors before and got one today in fact after installing
      beta #5. The error I got was one I haven't seen since a number
      of betas back - perhaps 10 or so and have not seen it anymore
      today, but it included the access violation, etc.

      One the error happens, it will continue until I restart NoteTab
      and at times if I do not let NoteTab completely shut down by
      waiting for a few seconds I will still have the error. Before I
      shut down though I switch to NoteTab just to find it was froze up
      solid. This was always the case before: Ctrl | Alt |Del | End
      Task is the only way out.

      *However*, my setup is a bit different than most folks I would
      think that are using OnClipboardChange & PasteBack feature. I
      have two copies of Eudora running at the same time and methinks
      on rare occasion somebody gets confused on where the paste back
      stuff is to go to. I am sure hoping that Eric did not do any
      work on that to fix it for you, but break it for me. Well, that
      does not sound right - I don't wish a bug on anybody and that
      includes myself. I really depend on it though because it cuts
      out literally hours worth of work for me a day.

      OH yeah, I never did say what I think happened to you. I believe
      it was similar situation as mine in that you got an error for
      some reason or another - perhaps the script you might have run
      prior to PasteClips and NoteTab or Windows was not reset to an
      initial state where it should be. Because of that, the error
      would keep happening and perhaps not quit until you rebooted.

      Happy Clip'n!


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