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  • Larry Thomas
    Hi All I have finished writing a clip to use as an alternative to the pasteboard. I have read a number of messages on the list about the pasteboard
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 1999
      Hi All

      I have finished writing a clip to use as an alternative to the pasteboard.
      I have read a number of messages on the list about the pasteboard
      malfunctioning on occasion and I have had one malfunction myself. I have a
      program called Regview which compares the current registry entries with
      stored data from a previous session and prepares a list of Additions,
      Deletions, and Changes which I can then print out or send to the clipboard.
      This is the only time for me so far that the pasteboard function has
      failed to work. CLIPSTOR does capture this text (it captured 1,187 line
      unwrapped) when the pasteboard fails to do so. I hope that this will work
      for the rest of you.

      =============[Beginn ClipStor.clb]========================
      = V5 MultiLine NoSorting TabWidth=30

      H=";\\ About CLIPSTOR
      This clip was completed on June 4, 1999

      Author: Lawrence R. Thomas
      Email Address: larryt@...

      This is an alternative to the pasteboard. You must have the clip library
      open or active to use it. It will capture text to an outline file called
      "ClipStor.otl" in your documents path and it enters the current time and
      date as the topic heading for the capture. It will also capture text from
      other applications such as email clients or web browsers or any other
      application that sends text to the clipboard. It will not capture non-text
      items sent to the clipboard such as Explorer file cut/copy or images (jpg,
      bmp, gifs) copied from graphic editors or sound or wav files.

      You can use CLIPSTOR to keep a limited number of captures available for
      restoring to the clipboard and pasting to other documents or applications.
      I have set the limit to 120 and the clip reset to 100 so that when you
      exceed the limit, the clip will remove the oldest 20 captures from the
      heading list and the outline. You can edit the clip to change these two
      parameters. The maximum limit is 5,400 topics and can be changed in the
      Append clip in the line:

      ^!If ^$GetTopicCount$ > 119 Next Else Skip

      The number of topics to be removed during the reset is 20. You can change
      this in the RemoveOldTopics clip in the line:

      ^!If ^$GetTopicCount$ = 100 Next Else Loop

      Just change the 100 to the number of captures you want to keep in the file
      at one time.

      The capture function is disabled when:

      The library in not active.
      The "ClipStor.otl" document is the current document and no other
      application is in focus in front of NoteTab.

      Restoring captures to the clipboard:

      Right-click on a topic heading that you want and select "Copy to Clipboard".

      Or you can select part of the text in a topic and just copy it.



      ^!SetScreenUpdate off
      ^!Set %IDX%=^$GetDocIndex$
      ^!If ^$StrCopy("^$GetAppTitle$";1;7)$ = "NoteTab" Next Else Skip
      ^!Clip NoteTab
      ^!Clip OtherApp

      ^!If ^$GetDocName$ = "^$GetDocumentPath$ClipStor.otl" Exit Else Next
      ^!IfFileExist "^$GetDocumentPath$ClipStor.otl" Skip Else Next
      ^!Clip "Reset ClipStor"
      ^!Clip Append
      ^!Goto Exit

      ^!Set %AppTitle%=^$GetAppTitle$
      ^!IfFileExist "^$GetDocumentPath$ClipStor.otl" Skip Else Next
      ^!Clip "Reset ClipStor"
      ^!Clip Append
      ^!FocusApp ^%AppTitle%
      ^!Goto Exit

      H="_Reset ClipStor"
      ^!TextToFile "^$GetDocumentPath$ClipStor.otl" =V4 Outline MultiLine
      NoSorting TabWidth=30^%nl%^%nl%

      ^!Open "^$GetDocumentPath$ClipStor.otl"
      ^!Jump Doc_End
      ^!Addheading "^[hh:mm:ss am/pm^] ^[mm/dd/yyyy^]"
      ^!Toolbar Paste
      ^!Jump Text_Start
      ^!If ^$GetTopicCount$ > 119 Next Else Skip
      ^!Clip RemoveOldTopics
      ^!SetDocIndex ^%IDX%

      ^!Keyboard Ctrl+Alt+Home
      ^!Keyboard Shift+Ctrl+R Enter
      ^!If ^$GetTopicCount$ = 100 Next Else Loop
      ^!Keyboard Ctrl+Alt+End

      ^!Set %IDX%=^$GetDocIndex$
      ^!TextToFile "^$GetDocumentPath$ClipStor.otl" =V4 Outline MultiLine
      NoSorting TabWidth=30^%nl%^%nl%
      ^!Open "^$GetDocumentPath$ClipStor.otl"
      ^!SetDocIndex ^%IDX%
      =============[End ClipStor.clb]===========================

      All of the clips above are a required part of CLIPSTORE except for the last
      and you can use that to totally clean out the outline file totally if you
      want to instead of deleting it and starting over.




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