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Re: [Clip] Re: Clip to Generate File Listings?

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  • Larry Thomas
    Hi Sheri, ... I do not know why this is happening to you. My system is running the batch file and pausing the clip until the batch file finishes. When the
    Message 1 of 26 , Sep 30, 2000
      Hi Sheri,

      At 12:18 AM 10/01/2000 -0000, you wrote:
      >Hi Larry,
      >Clever, but there are problems <g> ...
      >--- In ntb-clips@egroups.com, Larry Thomas <larryt@c...> wrote:
      >> ^!ShellWait runs my batch file and holds up execution of the clip
      >until it
      >> is finished so that the DirInfo.txt file is not loaded until the
      >batch file
      >> finishes. Even so, I had to place a one second delay in the clip
      >after it
      >> or the clip will not find the file.
      >> ^!OpenAscii opens a file as an ascii file and preserves the accented
      >> characters as you wanted. NoteTab normally opens a file as ansi
      >which was
      >> causing the accented characters to be displayed incorrectly.
      >Tried your clip. For some reason my Dirinfo.txt wound up in the C:\
      >directory, so I amended it to OpenAscii C:\Dirinfo.txt. I added a 10
      >second delay, and it still wouldn't open until after I manually
      >closed the DOS console window showing the DIR execution.

      I do not know why this is happening to you. My system is running the batch
      file and pausing the clip until the batch file finishes. When the batch
      file finishes, the DOS console button disapears and the rest of the clip
      runs as I said it does.

      >Problem 1: It won't work on a directory that has an accented
      >character in its name (the DOS window shows "Path not found")

      I created a directory in the NoteTab folder with the accented character
      names you posted and my clip returned the result below for it as you can
      see below.

      C:\Program Files\NoteTab Pro\Bohéme\Bohéme.txt
      C:\Program Files\NoteTab Pro\Bohéme\Habañera.txt

      >Problem 2: Lets say the directory name has no accented characters,
      >but one or more files within the directory does have them. It is not
      >enough to open the file as ascii. The ascii would need to get
      >permanently converted to Ansi, because the program that is using the
      >listing needs to see the accented characters properly. The Dirinfo
      >file would need to look proper in Notepad, for example, when opened
      >there. The only way I see to convert it is to change the document
      >properties and save the Dirinfo file. Can that be automated (not
      >sure about the document properties dialog)?

      I don't know why this is but I have discovered that if you copy all of the
      text to the clip board and then paste it into a new document, the new
      document is ansi but the accented characters are not lost. That means that
      you could create a clip as follows to preserve the characters.

      ^!Toolbar Copy All
      ^!Toolbar Paste New
      ^!Save As "DirInfoAnsi.txt"

      With the result that DirInfoAns.txt would permanently contain the proper
      Ansi characters. But again, I don't know why the first part above works
      for me but not for you.


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