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Re: [Clip] WizardLizard [Updated}

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  • Alan
    Hi Don ... down ... I experimented with Larry s clip the other day. (If an example might help, I ll share the following, my experience) In a new document, I
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 7, 2000
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      Hi Don

      > Is it so I can clip a list from something and add it into a wizard drop
      > list?

      I experimented with Larry's clip the other day.

      (If an example might help, I'll share the following, my experience)

      In a new document, I had the following (3 lines of urls, each on a line by
      itself) (and in the new document, that is ALL I had was the 3 lines of urls,
      I had no begining and ending markers like I have here:

      --------->begin each of 3 lines<--------------
      --------->end of 3 lines urls<--------------

      With that particular new document in focus, I ran Larry's clip, choosing the
      join list function or action. Then an information prompt popped up
      notifying me that my list is ready to be pasted into wherever I want to
      paste it.

      I then deselected the new document's 3 urls and with cursor at bottom right
      hand end of all of the urls, I struck my enter key about 3 times so as to
      get the curser further down in the document. Then I used the keyboard
      combination ctrl + v which pastes the clipboards contents into the
      document. The pasted contents looked like *the following 1 line* (but my
      email will put at least 1 line break into it somewhere in between begin and
      end) (without the begin and end markers like I added here):

      ---------->begin pasted contents<--------------
      ---------->end pasted contents<--------------

      So I saw, basically, the clip changes the format of a list from the above
      style to the below style ->each url separated by a |

      I've not used the "split list" portion yet, but I'd bet that it changes the
      bottom style format into the top style format which is just the opposite of
      what the "join list" does.

      A handy tool, I think. Thanks Larry.

      Regards. Alan.
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