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Re: [Clip] NoteTab Command Line Was: Re: Clip cataloging

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Hi Alan, All,I have had problems with my account at MyRealBox bouncing, so I was reading from the web. I developed a clip to make that easier, but it was
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2000
      Hi Alan, All,

      I have had problems with my account at MyRealBox bouncing, so I was
      reading from the web. I developed a clip to make that easier, but it
      was getting to be a hassle. I am now trying Yahoo, since it is "free"
      and can be accessed with an email client. Hopefully it has better

      On Fri Jul 21, 2000 3:25am Alan wrote:

      >Hi all:
      >Thanks for everyone's help. The ini thing, close, but I am not
      quite able to put it totally together though.
      >Thanks Larry H. for the clip. (I did make a backup of my ini). I
      not yet get to advantage of the clip due to syntax error occurs (OS
      is Win 98) on the clip's following long line
      >------->begin long line<---------
      >^!Set %ini%=^$StrReplace("^$GetAppPath$";;"^$GetFiles
      >------->end long line<---------

      My copy of the clip works fine on Win95B. Perhaps someone else with
      Win98 could test.

      Remember the purpose of this clip is to generate the parameters for a
      NoteTab command line for a clip or shortcut. It gives opportunity to
      save the generated command line parameters, and then it runs the
      command line the user builds. If you leave out a parameter, like the
      clipbar, it will work fine.

      Here it is if anyone wants to test.
      ;Sets and AppendToFile are all long lines.
      ;Revised 07/23/2000
      ^!Set %path%=^$GetAppPath$
      ^!Set %pgm%=^?{NoteTab

      ;Borrowed the _FillLibraryList clip and part of the SwitchLibrary
      clip from the Utilities.clb. Thanks to Eric for pointing out why this
      method is needed. Any Libraries that start with an "_" (underscore)
      need to have a space added in from of them, since the "_" has a
      special meaning in clip wizards. A major case of "if it was a snake
      it would have bit me." Thanks to Eric & Jody for their patience!
      ;^!Clip FillLibraryList
      ^!FarClip Utilities:FillLibraryList
      ^!Set %LibraryName%=^?{(H=10)Choose a library==_^%LibraryList%}
      ^!Set %lib%=^$StrDelete("^%LibraryName%";1;1)$

      ;**_CAUTION_**: Be careful with the use of the NoteTab.ini file. I
      trashed one and had to restore from backup. Be sure you ini files are
      backed up unless you do not mind re-creating all of your NoteTab
      settings, if there is a problem. ;)
      ^!Set %ini%=^?{(H=15)Choose ini to Open==^%ini%}
      ^!Set %ini%=^$StrReplace(".ini";;"^%ini%";False;False)$
      ;Generates an Instance of NoteTab. Use needs to configure for their
      ^!Set %inst%=^?{Instance?=="HTML Editing"|"Java"|Default^=""}
      ;Since the ClipBar *.ctb files are in the Library directory, the
      ^$GetLibraryPath$ function can do double duty.
      ^!Set %bar%=^?{(H=15)Choose ClipBar to Open==^%bar%}
      ^!Set %bar%=^$StrReplace(".ctb";;"^%bar%";False;False)$

      ;Show the NoteTab Commandline that is created. This can then be
      copied and used to create a clip to launch different configurations
      of NoteTab.
      ;If you want to create a commandline that will launch a specific clip
      in the selected library, put a colon and the clip name after it like
      "/L=LibraryName:ClipName" I find this handy for running a specialized
      clip that needs to close all open documents. I tend to leave all of
      the documents I am currently working on open, so when I open NoteTab,
      I know what I was in the middle of. Yes, I know about favorites, but
      NoteTab lets me "do it my way." ;)
      ^!Info "^%path%^%pgm%"/L="^%lib%" /C=^%bar% /INST="^%inst%"
      ^!Delay 15
      ^!AppendToFile "D:\NoteTab\Documents\NoteTabCommandLines.txt"
      "^%path%^%pgm%"/L="^%lib%" /C=^%bar% /INST="^%inst%" /INI="^%ini%"
      ^!Open "D:\NoteTab\Documents\NoteTabCommandLines.txt"

      ^!Run "^%path%^%pgm%" /L="^%lib%" /C=^%bar% /INST="^%inst%"
      -- Larry Hamilton, lm_hamilton@... on 07/23/2000

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