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Re: [Clip] Get DiskFile Lines clip questions

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  • Jody
    Hi Jonathan, ... Don t ask. It should be working now. MeThinks I was too drunk on coffee or, OH, I bet it was my script and I used < instead of > in
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 2, 2000
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      Hi Jonathan,

      > I just snatched a copy of your Get DiskFile Lines clip. I
      > thought it would be an easy way to compare the different meta
      > tags in different html files. In eager anticipation I fired it
      > up, but it's telling me that "there was no matching criteria
      > for <!DOCTYPE in the directory I searched

      Don't ask. <g> It should be working now. MeThinks I was too
      drunk on coffee or, OH, I bet it was my script and I used <
      instead of > in the conversion so when the script got to:

      ^!Inc %Index%
      ^!If ^%Index% > ^%Count% ShowTime

      It actually changed it to:

      ^!If ^%Index% < ^%Count% ShowTime

      If you change the one sign in your script it should work as long
      as you did not use Opera to get it.

      and obviously thought it was done when in fact it hadn't even
      started. <g> I had made a new wizard that automates the stuff
      for Snatch-A-Clip a bit better that the way I was doing it and...

      It appears I am going to have to put in regular HTML instead of
      wrapping the Clips in <PRE> because Opera wraps lines if there is
      a blank line. I don't want to cram it all together either. I
      did change it though for now. I will have to modify the near 30
      Clips I have up there.

      > 2) would it be easy to modify the clip to search the whole file
      > for a string, rather than specific lines (ie have an ALL LINES
      > option under lines?)

      Why not use Search Disk. I had though about what you are saying
      though. I don't know if I can be able to tell when it has
      finished searching a file though. I haven't looked into it that
      deep. BTW, I just found out that if there is certain Clip code
      in the disk file searched it will fail. I search all over my
      current Library I was testing in for that Clip. <bg>

      > 3) Could you document what your clip options do, preferably by
      > including examples? It makes learning so much easier, although
      > I know that documenting code is not much fun to do.

      I do a lot of that kind of stuff in my Libraries, but not on
      Snatch-A-Clip. I did not do it in this one though in my DirStuff
      and in fact did not even update the info that it was even there.
      :) I really dread doing that kind of stuff. I guess I figured
      that one was self-explanatory which you might think so too now
      that it is working.

      I don't know why I made the default as case sensitive other than
      I was drunk on coffee at dark-thirty am and it looked good at
      that time. ;) I changed the default to non-case sensitive for you.

      Thanks for letting me know. Not to many people take the time out
      to do that.

      Happy Clip'n!


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