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[Clip] Updated Libraries and a New One (Copy)

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  • Jody
    Hi All, Here is info on updated Libraries and a new Library that some of you will be interested in: Ntb & Ws_FtpLe: I did a lot of changes on this for those of
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 1999
      Hi All,

      Here is info on updated Libraries and a new Library that some of
      you will be interested in:

      Ntb & Ws_FtpLe:
      I did a lot of changes on this for those of you who already have
      it. I get more feedback of thanks, etc. on this Library than any
      other. A lot more help has been added with a number of examples.
      It now can have up to 10 servers added and 20 upload paths, but is
      still just as good for the web author with a single site and one
      upload path. WinZip clips have been added to this one. In short,
      Ws_FtpLe will run in the background while it uploads your file that
      is focused in NoteTab (or one you browse for), close on its own
      while you continue working in NoteTab. The One Clickers you can
      make are great! Read more about it on the web and in the help

      Clips included are: Run Ws_FtpLe, Add-A-OneClicker, WinZip
      QuickZip..., WinZip Multi-Files..., WinZip-Extract..., Setup
      NtbWsFtp, Setup WinZip

      Download (8KB zipped - 04/25/1999)

      Renamed from OCBC.clb (Multi-Board Change). Fixed a bug that
      caused the clips to err when copying non-Windows formatted text
      for a lack of better terms. Made some minor improvements to the
      code and added another sound.

      Download (133KB zipped with sounds - 04/19/1999)

      Fixed some bugs that had to do with using the clips with version
      1.6a and added some small features. I moved it from Snatch-A-Clip
      to its own Library due to the size. For those of you that use
      WordWeb Thesaurus/Dictionary this will insert a word into the find
      field of the thesaurus when it opens and look up the word from a
      clip in NoteTab. Once you find the replacement word you want you
      hit copy and close. The word in the NoteTab document selected is
      then replaced with the new word.

      Download (2.65KB zipped - 04/19/1999)

      SureWord Scripture Pop-Ups:
      Saving the best for last as somebody else I know here is a new
      Library is great for memorizing Scripture, your edification and
      enjoyment. All the verses are from the King James Bible, AV1611.
      All the Pop-Ups are stored in a FarClip named Verses.fcp. There
      are six fonts to choose from each time you run it (or your
      current setting). Read Information if you get it and run Setup.
      The large Information Clip has the following topics:

      * Quick Start
      * Detailed Instructions
      * About the other Pop-Ups
      * SureWord Scripture Pop-Ups
      * Tips
      * Installation

      * Start Pop-Ups: Starts any of the Pop-Ups and allows you to select
      a time in one minute increments on how often you want them to pop
      up. This has an option to edit any of the Pop-Ups.

      * Stop Pop-Ups: Stops the timer from running; resets the Info box
      font back to your regular setting.

      * Set Counters: Used to manually change the count of what Pop-Up
      will come up next - lists all Pop-Ups. Tells you what the range of
      the Pop-Up is, how many popups are in each, the name of the Pop-Up,
      and the current count of where the Pop-Ups are at.

      * Random & Set *

      * Random Verse 60: A collection of 7 verses that pop up according
      to the second (as in time) and however often you set up the timer

      * Memory Verse 7: A collection of 7 verses that pop up according to
      the day of the week and however often you set up the timer for.

      * Memory Verse 24: A collection of 24 verses that pop up according
      to what hour it is and how often you set it to pop up.

      * Sequential *

      * Come Lord Jesus: My favorite! Mostly promises of the rapture, the
      Lord returning to get us, etc.

      * Proverbs: The whole Book of Proverbs. This one is great to use
      in the OnOpen clip provided. Detailed help is in Information on
      how to set it up - piece of cake!-)

      * Evangelists: Sayings From Evangelists - Jones, Smith, Sunday,
      Taylor, Moody, Muller, and others.

      * One Liners: 181 one liners of various sayings, some to think
      about and some funny.

      * Murphy's Laws: 150 of Murphy's Laws. :-)

      * Create-A-PopUp: Allows you to easily make your own Pop-Up from
      existing text.

      * OnOpen: Used to pop up a Proverb when the SureWord Library is
      opened - once per NoteTab session (unless a line is edited - see

      Read more:
      Download the Library (117KB zipped - 04/26/1999)
      Download the fonts (148KB zipped - 04/19/1999)

      Thanks to RS, Dennis Cummins, Carl Swann, and some others for the
      help testing and feedback with some or all of these

      Happy NoteNite and...

      Happy NoteTabbin',
      Jody Adair

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      NoteTab Home Page - Go Pro.....

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