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RE: [Clip] clip families

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  • Bob Janes
    Hi, ... I wrote a Master clip a while back that does this and may be useful; to you in testing clip libraries. It pre-dates Waynes Clip Librarian and works
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 29, 2000
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      > but I'm making a 'family' of libraries, about 7 or 8 total, all related
      > around a particular sort of task, and I want all other libraries hidden
      > while they are visible so I can concentrate.

      I wrote a 'Master' clip a while back that does this and may be useful; to
      you in testing clip libraries. It pre-dates Waynes' Clip Librarian and works
      in a different way.

      The 'Master' clip generates a menu for all of the clips in a sub-directory
      of 'libraries'. When you select any clip on the menu that clip's menu is
      added (replacing any previous clip). This means that I can have access to
      ten or so clips from a single tab on the Libraries bar. This is not easy to
      describe so here's an example:

      Say I have collected 8 different HTML clips so I put them all into an HTML
      subdirectory, I create an 'HTML Master' clip in my Libraries directory. When
      I select 'HTML Master' a list of 8 clip names appears in the clip window
      with a divider below it. If I click on any of these names that clip opens in
      the clip window below the divider. I can use that clip as long as I want to,
      when I want another then I click on that name in the menu, the last clip
      disappears and the new one takes its place. Once the Master file is set up
      it refreshes itself from the sub-directory so adding and removing clips is
      as simple as adding and removing them from the sub-directory.

      I wrote this clip when I was new to Notetab and overwhelmed with clips.
      Dividing them up into sub-directory by theme allowed me to look and compare
      while I found out what I wanted to use.

      The clip is at www.notetab.ch/clipbooks/lib+master.zip [Caution: it was
      written for 4.5 and while it still works for me with groups of simple clips
      I don't know how it will handle far-clips and some of the newer clip

      Best wishes



      Bob Janes
      Webster & Janes Ltd
      PO Box 211 Welwyn AL6 0EX UK
      +44 (1438) 84-0206
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