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[Clip] NoteTab 4.6a Bug and Suggestions and Comments

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  • Wayne VanWeerthuizen
    Here s another of my long wishlist posts, but first a bug report. If a certain kind of error occurs while a StatusShow window is being displayed, NoteTab
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 1999
      Here's another of my long "wishlist" posts, but first a
      bug report.

      If a certain kind of error occurs while a StatusShow
      window is being displayed, NoteTab 4.6a locks up.

      H="Demonstrate Lockup Bug"
      ^!StatusShow "This locks up NoteTab Pro 4.6a"
      ; Following should exceed maximum paragraph size.
      ^!InsertText ^$StrFill("AbCdEfGhIj";20000)$

      H="Demonstrate Non-Lockup"
      ^!StatusShow "This will give an error, but no lockup."
      ; Set has nothing after it.


      This has been requested before, and is still on my wishlist: I'd like
      to be able to have the second window split be either horizontal or

      I'd also like to have synchronized scrolling between the two windows.
      Such as if Shift+Ctrl+Down (or some other comfortable key sequence)
      moved the cursor down in both windows simultaneously. The regular
      cursor movement (without holding down Shift+Ctrl) should still just
      affect the windows in focus.


      I'd like to be able to have an external program or script tell an
      already running instance of NoteTab to immediately run a particular

      Such as this typed from the command prompt:

      > NotePro /L="Library" /C="Clip" /I="Instance"

      This should tell NoteTab to run a particular clip, found in a
      particular library. As it is possible to have multiple instances of
      NoteTab running simultaneously, there should be a way to specify which
      instance is wanted.

      A clip might identify what instance of NoteTab it is running under,
      with a clip function like ^$GetInstance$.

      There might also be a command line argument to force NoteTab to run a
      new instance of the Program - even if NoteTab is already running, and
      "allow multiple instances" is turned off in the INI file. Maybe


      It would also be nice if other windows applications could talk to
      NoteTab via DDE or OLE messages. (I don't expect non-Windows
      programmers to understand what this means. And to be honest, I do not
      _yet_ know enough Windows programming to take advantage of this if it
      were implemented in the near future.)


      I thank Eric for implementing so many of my past suggestions. The
      Wizards improvements I suggest below are much more modest than some of
      the improvements I've suggested in the past. I hope Eric finds these
      revised suggestions to be both feasible and worthwhile.

      Here is a way to have tabbed pages in clip wizards, while maintaining a
      backwards compatible syntax:

      ^?[(T=P)Tab Name]

      Instead of adding a prompt to the wizard, the above would merely
      specify that subsequent prompts go under the specified tab. The value
      returned might be the sequence number for the first prompt on the page.


      Buttons could be added to the clip wizards. They'd replace the OK and
      CANCEL buttons that would otherwise be found at the bottom of the

      ^!Set %Button%="^?{(T=B)_Exit|Next|Options|Help}"

      (While it should be possible to have a wizard with only buttons, in
      practice I'd imagine the buttons would be more useful in a more
      complex wizard with other prompts of various types. Those where
      omitted to keep the above example short.)

      Also, the last time I suggested customizable clip buttons, I made them
      sound more complicated than they'd need to be. Closing the wizard via
      the X in the upper-right corner would cause the prompt to return
      whatever button name was preceded with an underscore (the "default"
      button), or an empty string. Clicking the "default" button should
      also make ^!IfCancel true.


      With several complicated wizards I've seen, it would be nice to be
      able to change the options available in one combobox, based on what is
      selected in another combobox. This would be easy to accomplish if the
      clip wizard would immediately exit when certain items are changed.
      Then the clip could construct a new wizard based on the changed
      option, and quickly display it. With ScreenUpdate turned off the user
      would not even notice that the first wizard ever closed, and it would
      present the illusion of the same wizard being there the whole time -
      and the wizard would appear to be interactive.

      Here's how I'd imagine the syntax:

      The above is just like a normal prompt, with the addition of the (I)
      which signals that the wizard is to exit immediately after this item
      is changed.

      The clip would then test the value of ^$GetWizardExit$ in order to
      determine which prompt caused the exit. A positive value would be the
      number of the prompt which caused the exit. A value of zero would
      represent a normal exit - via the OK button. If the clip was
      canceled, the value would be negative one.


      My last wish for now is to have multilevel expand/collapse trees for
      both clipbooks and outline documents.

      The affect on the format of clipbooks and outlines would be minor.
      Just add D=depth after the header, like this:

      H="Outline Topic"; D=3

      This means it is a sub-topic of the previous topic having a depth of 2
      (or less).

      But the other changes needed to make this work would be substantial.
      NoteTab would have to deal with mechanics of displaying the tree
      itself. When adding a new outline topic, you'd need to specify which
      topic it is a subtopic of. New clip functions would be needed, to
      tell how many subtopics a topic has, what their index numbers are, and
      whether a node in the outline is currently in an expanded or collapsed
      state. Search and Replace would need an option to replace in all
      subtopics. Sort Outline Topics would have to leave subtopics under
      their parents. I could imagine a dozen other aspects of NoteTab also
      needing to be changed to work with the expand/collapse outline tree.

      While this last item on my wishlist is a lot of work - it would be
      wonderful to find this feature in NoteTab 5.0 or NoteTab Gold.

      Wayne M. VanWeerthuizen
      ICQ: 15117288
      Homepage: http:/landru.myhome.net/wayne

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