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RE: [Clip] Second window - diff, scroll?

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  • John Shotsky
    I would be happy to share my code with you privately, but it may be overkill for you. I set up everything in advance in variables, then issue the command to
    Message 1 of 9 , Aug 27, 2013
      I would be happy to share my code with you privately, but it may be overkill for you. I set up everything in advance in variables,
      then issue the command to run the diff tool using those variables, and hold Notetab at bay until the diff tool is closed. The
      variables are based on the name of the primary open document, some processing takes place, a new document is created, and the diff
      tool compares the two. Everything is automatic, you don't lift a finger until you see the results in the diff tool to see if you
      like what the clip library has done. I must say, I have gotten so used to this method, that I often don't even look at the output
      file separately - CompareIt shows me exactly what I need to see. My work isn't with code, but with recipes.

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      Subject: Re: [Clip] Second window - diff, scroll?

      On Monday, August 26, 2013, 11:35:39 PM, Art Kocsis wrote:

      AK> To answer your question - No, it is not possible to lock the
      AK> windows and , No there is no builtin compare engine in NTB. It IS
      AK> something we have asked for multiple times but to no avail.

      It's a feature included in VDE, my favourite DOS editor from way back!
      Strange how Windows software takes so long to catch up. But I seem to
      remember VDE's author saying that with Windows, a programmer spends
      more time interacting with the OS than solving the problem they had in
      the first place. However, I find freeware TED Notepad
      http://www.jsimlo.sk/notepad/ has a mode to compare two phrases
      (rather than files), and EmEditor http://www.emeditor.com/ has a
      fairly extensive file "diff" feature.

      AK> The best app, bar none, to compare two files is Beyond Compare by
      AK> Scooter software. It is smart, feature laden and its UI is so
      AK> intuitive that one never needs a manual. It has modes for
      AK> comparing text, images, binary, music, registry, html, et al -

      I already have a license for a recent but non-current version of
      ExamDiff Pro, http://www.prestosoft.com/edp_examdiffpro.asp It
      compares PDFs, DOC, etc., by using plug-ins to converting them to
      text, then comparing the text. This is a bit hit or miss, depending
      on the plug-ins. I don't know how its competitors work.

      Thanks to you and others for suggestions of WinMerge, CompareIt! etc.

      AK> It would be fairly trivial to write a clip to invoke either one of
      AK> these apps with your two open docs.

      That's what I may try to do. I dislike delving into NTP's manual; it
      always seems harder than it should be to find things, a result of the
      feature-richness of the program, perhaps. I hope there's a way to pick
      up the files in different tabs to use as command-line arguments.


      Robert Bull
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