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Re: [Clip] Re: Adding a second when there's a tenth or more

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  • Adrian Worsfold
    Hello Flo and Axel This ^!Replace ( d d: d d)$ [$0] WARS replaced many of my lines. I don t understand Regex and so I did it the long way with
    Message 1 of 14 , May 24, 2013
      Hello Flo and Axel

      This ^!Replace "(\d\d:\d\d)$" >> "[$0]" WARS replaced many of my lines. I don't understand Regex and so I did it the long way with head-banging on the route. But thanks for the error solved and this too.

      Late it is now, but here is the usual time I do make up a CD. I'll do it for real and let you know how it goes (I haven't even chosen some of the music yet, but it will be very different from the given list).

      * There is one final potential clip that hardly saves on human viewing, but one may as well push it to the logical end.

      After the number, the presence of HL nnn, SF nnn, LS nn, CC nn, HW nnn, HF nnn, or NB nn indicates a hymn book (or latter no book still with numbers up to 99). Before each hymn book, and after it but not before another hymn book, there is a blank line inserted. This is to tell me to use a second CD made at a higher level of volume which people sing against. Now I am sure this is within my abilities, eventually, the complication being not wanting a blank line in between two hymns indicated by either leading code after the number.

      Thus a final appearance result would be:

      01 Temptations Papa was a Rollin Stone [11:47]
      02 KamakawiwoOleIsrael Somewhere Over the Rainbow [04:55]
      03 SheeranEd A Team [04:22]
      04 PresleyElvis In The Ghetto [02:48]
      05 Clannad I See Red [04:25]

      06 HL 018 Kremser choir [01:27]
      07 HL 070 Hanover [02:51]

      08 KingCarole Youve Got a Friend [05:10]

      09 HL 051 Stuttgart [01:59]

      10 Debussy Claire de Lune Suite extract [02:00]

      11 HL 210 Jerusalem choir [02:47]

      12 CollinsPhil Homeless [04:15]
      13 PineCourtney Closer to Home [03:56]
      14 PineCourtney GreeneSusaye Children of the Ghetto [07:04]
      15 Housemartins I'll be Your Shelter [04:52]
      16 Simply Red Moneys Too Tight to Mention [04:15]

      All of these are HLs but SFs are as common and the rest very occasional but available.

      Automation of the WHOLE process isn't possible because nothing could guide the CD burner print to .PDF after the burn process. That's the human bit during the ^!shellwait after which the first clip works its magic. But this last part does follow regular internal rules.

      Adrian Worsfold

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