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[Clip] Clip Wrappers [Five Problems Fixed]

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  • Larry Thomas
    Hi All, Charles Raines has been kind enough to add my Clip Wrappers clip to his site for downloading which saves me from posting a hugh file to the list and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2000
      Hi All,

      Charles Raines has been kind enough to add my Clip Wrappers clip to his
      site for downloading which saves me from posting a hugh file to the list
      and saves people who are not interested in it from having to receive it.
      You can download it from http://www.escape.ca/~rainec or directly from
      http://www.escape.ca/~rainec/clipwrp1.zip .

      I have found and fixed five more problems with this clip. I think that
      this clip is now in its final form since I have not been able to see any
      more of these problems in my testing and using of it.

      1. The MarkLine function only checks for lines beginning with a command
      tag (^!). I fixed it to check all lines in a clip now. Two reasons are
      the H=";Headers" and the boiler plate type clips that paste plain text
      blocks into a document just by having the text typed below the H="Clipname"

      2. The restore function changes the number of lines in a clip by adding or
      removing blank lines and under the revised MarkLine function in (1.) above,
      it would actually combine two or more long lines into one if they were next
      to each other in spite of the fact of being separated by long line markers.
      I have this fixed now.

      3. When wrapping clips from the open clipbook editor window with the "Show
      Headings" option turned on, the clip would include the header name in the
      wrapped clip twice. I have now fixed this so it works with the "Show
      Headings" option turned on or off just the same.

      4. When using the personal stamper in an open clipbook editor window with
      the "Show Heading" option turned on, the clip would insert the time stamp
      above the displayed clipname and the clip name would be changed to your
      name and email address if you saved it. I have fixed this so that it works
      whether "Show Headings" is on or off.

      5. I noticed a small nagging irritant when running this clip and I decided
      to fix it. When the clip finished and asked if I wanted to discard the
      temporary document, it would sometimes switch back to the document
      previously in focus no matter if I said yes or no depending on what
      settings I had used.

      I have now changed this so that it always switches back to the document
      that was in focus when the clip was run if you discard the temporary
      document. If you do not discard the temporary document, the temporary
      document remains in focus and NoteTab does not switch back to the other.
      If you change your mind or accidentally discard the temporary document when
      you wanted to look at it first, all you need to do is select Edit | Paste
      New or press Ctrl+Shift+V to get it back.

      Installing the Clip:

      Just follow the directions in the CWReadme.otl file that comes with the clip.

      Stamper Enhancement:

      I have also enhanced the clip by replacing the name and email address with
      a variable which is set at the beginning of the clip.

      You need to edit the first line below the stamp to your own name and email

      ^!Set %StampName%=Larry Thomas <larryt@...>

      There are five separate places in the clip where the personal stamp is used
      and this method only requires you to edit the line above rather than going
      through the whole clip searching for each of the five occurrences and
      editing them and it saves you the problem of having a typo in one. Either
      you have a typo in all of them or none of them. It also makes it easy to
      change your name and/or email address if you need to do so later.

      I have found a general problem with marking long lines that users of this
      clip and other clips like it need to be aware of. When you mark long lines
      with a commented marker as in this clip, you can generally add the clip to
      a library and run it without modification after you have joined the long
      lines inside the long line markers and removed the clip wrappers.

      The problem occurs in cases where the clip author of a clip has used the
      skip or skip_+/- labels in a clip and one or more sets of long line markers
      get between the skip label and its target, the clip will fail in an
      unpredictable way.

      The clip author can avoid this by placing a label above the target
      code/line and using it in the ^!If statement or the ^!Goto statement.

      The clip user who is installing the clip from an email can avoid this
      problem by removing the long line markers when he joins the long lines.

      The "Restore Wrapped Clips in Clipboard" function contained in this clip
      will do this for you for any clips that had long lines marked by this clip.
      Otherwise you must do it manually or use another clip provided by whoever
      sent the clip you are unwrapping.


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