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Re: [Clip] ^!Export "FileName"

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  • Larry Hamilton
    From Help: ^!Export FileName [ASCII|ANSI][MAC|UNIX][SELECTION|ALL][HARDBREAKS] or ^!Export FileName [EBCDIC][SELECTION|ALL][LRECL=nnn] (added in v4.6) or
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 19, 2011
      From Help:

      ^!Export "FileName" [EBCDIC][SELECTION|ALL][LRECL=nnn] (added in v4.6)
      ^!Export "FileName" [UTF-8|UNICODE] (added in v6.0)

      Exports current document under specified file name. Optional settings are
      used to define output format. Use a comma or colon to separate multiple
      settings and use double quotes around the file name if it contain spaces.
      When creating EBCDIC files, you can optionally define a record length (for
      fixed-width lines) by using the LRECL parameter followed by an equal sign
      and the width value.

      What this is all about is converting one format to another via clips. This
      is a more automated way to do it, instead of opening a file and going
      through all the menu steps to save it as another format, for example,
      default Windows format to UNIX format.

      On Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 1:59 PM, paulmaser <paul@...> wrote:

      > I was going through the clip help file and ran into this, but can't figure
      > out what it is used for?
      > ^!Export "FileName"
      > Thanks

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