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[Clip] Re: file picking clip

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  • Jody
    Hi Tom, ... Try this: ^!Replace HREF= SBI ... I never had any doubt. ;) I can do
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 26, 1999
      Hi Tom,

      ><CFINCLUDE TEMPLATE=^?[(T=T;F=Cold Fusion File|*.cfm)CF file name]>
      >The results give me this:
      ><CFINCLUDE TEMPLATE=HREF="dsp_company_information_input.cfm">
      >How do I get rid of the "HREF" and one of the "=" signs?

      Try this:

      <CFINCLUDE TEMPLATE=^?[(T=T;F=Cold Fusion File|*.cfm)CF file name]>
      ^!Replace "HREF=" >> "" SBI

      > PS note to Jody, I upgraded to the Pro version on your
      > suggestion a couple of months back. Glad I did.

      I never had any doubt. ;) I can do without variable width fonts
      (don't use them in the programs that have them) and I very, very
      seldom have need open files larger than 16MB (only do when
      testing). A few times I have had the need to work with
      paragraphs larger than 32kb (that were joined in the Clip) but
      even then I was able to work around it. The features that Pro
      has that Standard does not to me are well worth the cost and loss
      of the above.

      If I have the need to do huge files or paragraphs, then I can use
      Standard or Light.

      c ya,

      I can only please one person a day.
      Today is obviously not your day.
      Tomorrow doesn't look good either. 8?D

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