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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    First, great to see thefrank posting. I haven t notice his posts for several years. Always in the middle of great discussions. Second, I use either tab or
    Message 1 of 16 , Jan 30, 2010
      First, great to see "thefrank" posting. I haven't notice his posts for
      several years. Always in the middle of great discussions.

      Second, I use either tab or pipes "|" neither of which typically appear
      in my stuff. I too often copy and paste back and forth between excel.
      I also have written several clips to divide stuff in a column like names
      .... most names are two groups of letters separated by one space, but
      some names are three groups of letters with two spaces or even four
      groups of letters with three spaces ...

      Mary Smith
      Mary Smith Jones
      Mary Jane Smith
      Mary Jane Smith Jones

      My clip asks if there are three "names" whether the extra space goes in
      the first name or last name .... I then paste back to excel after dividing.

      Of course if all names were two with one space, I could use text to
      columns ... but when you add extra spaces ... back to notetab and my clip.


      Alec Burgess wrote:
      > thefrankwmx (tf@...) wrote (in part) (on 2010-01-30 at 15:44):
      >> another option is to replace offending chars with HTML special chars
      >> within the text before converting to csv (e.g. " to ")...
      >> this will add filesize to your text and will impact storage limits if
      >> they exist. that is why many, including myself, no longer use
      >> comma-separated-values but prefer tab-delimited-values. works great
      >> unless tabs are ever included within your text, which in my cases are
      >> not.
      >> with tab-delimited there is no need to wrap strings in quotes either,
      >> therefore no need to worry about commas, quotes, or apostrophes
      >> within your text. just be sure there are no tabs within the text!
      >> then if you want to collapse 2 columns, start a the beginning of the
      >> row, count over to the tab between those columns, and replace it with
      >> a space.
      > If you happen to have Excel available, you can open a CSV file in it and
      > then copy paste a subset of the spread-sheet into Notetab where it
      > becomes tab delimited.
      > When working with CSV and or spread-sheet data I frequently do the
      > "stuff" that's easiest in Excel (eg. insert delete columns, special
      > sorts) there and copy-paste back to Notetab for ""stuff" like running
      > regexp clips.
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