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RE: [Clip] How to establish default folders

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  • John Shotsky
    Art, Thanks for this. The clip is handy, and it shows me that NTB is still using one user folder that I was unaware of. There is another location for NTB s
    Message 1 of 20 , Nov 18, 2009
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      Thanks for this. The clip is handy, and it shows me that NTB is still using one user folder that I was unaware of. There
      is another location for NTB's files if running Vista or Win7, as you can see below - the USERS folder. And most of the
      folders inside that folder are inaccessible, so you just have to poke around to see which ones open, unless you know in
      advance exactly where to look. That is part of the original problem.

      My list:

      Get NoteTab folder locations:

      $GetAppPath$ = C:\Programs\NoteTab Pro\

      $GetDataPath$ = C:\Programs\NoteTab Pro\

      $GetDocumentPath$ = C:\Programs\NoteTab Pro\Documents\

      $GetFavoritePath$ = C:\Programs\NoteTab Pro\Favorites\

      $GetLibraryPath$ = C:\Programs\NoteTab Pro\Libraries\

      $GetLibraryUserPath$ = C:\Programs\NoteTab Pro\Libraries\

      $GetTmpPath$ = C:\Users\John\AppData\Local\Temp\

      I have temporarily, or maybe permanently solved this problem for my own users now. I created a new folder for all my
      system's files except the library files. In the first clip my users run, I set up a new .ini file which copies the
      contents of NoteTab.ini or NotePro.ini and places it into my new folder. The system is told to use that .ini file, into
      which I also place my own program variables. That code turned out to be surprisingly simple:

      ;Establish the ini file name and location

      ^!SetIniFile ^$GetAppPath$RecipeClips\RecipeClips

      ^!IfFileExist ^$GetAppPath$Recipeclips\RecipeClips.ini IniFileComplete

      ;Saves NoteTab.ini and current settings to the "RecipeClips.ini" file in the RecipeClips directory

      ^!ProgIniSave ^$GetAppPath$Recipeclips\RecipeClips.ini


      Finally, I think I also determined why different people's systems worked differently. Several people told me that when
      they copied their NoteTab.ini file to the NoteTab folder, it ignored it. These two lines in the .ini file may explain



      As you can see, even though both of these are set false, my temp path is in the user profile path.



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      Subject: RE: [Clip] How to establish default folders

      At 11-18-09 05:26, you wrote:
      >No, this issue is not yet resolved, but I'm working on it. I'm only doing
      >what the NTP help file says. 'Place an empty NotePro.ini file in the
      >NoteTab folder, and from that point on, NTP will use that one. So, that's
      >what I do. The first time I did it, I discovered that all my custom
      >colors, my Font, etc, were lost, and I reconfigured NTP the way I wanted
      >it. I don't want to tell my users they have to reconfigure NT. FYI - I
      >don't install in Program Files either. I install everything that was not
      >'designed for Vista or Win7' in my own C:\Programs folder just to keep the
      >OS's hands off of them.


      There are three possible locations for NTB's ini files: the application
      folder, the windows selected user folder and a user selected folder as
      specified in the command line /USER option.

      If you specify a user folder on the NTB command line, NTB will not look in
      the NTB application folder nor create or look in the Docs & Settings folder
      for an ini file or support sub-folders.

      If you don't use the /USER command line option but do have an INI file in
      the application folder with the EXACT SAME NAME as the NTB EXE file, then
      NTB will use it and ignore the Docs & Settings folder. If the INI file is
      zero length, NTB will populate it with default values. [I have an older INI
      file in my application folder and although NTB uses this file, for some
      strange reason it also creates a not-exact-copy of the INI file and the
      support folder tree in Docs & Settings! Go figure!]

      If you neither use the /USER option nor have an INI file in the application
      folder then NTB will create and use the INI files and support folders in
      Docs & Settings (wherever that might be!).
      No matter what you do NTB insists on creating all the support sub folders
      under the application folder, even if they are all empty.

      >The next best thing is to copy the .ini file from its remote location so
      >the configuration isn't lost. Howeve, if you do that, it still retains
      >path references to the remote location, so it has to be edited to remove
      >those path references. In short, moving the .ini file has no affect on
      >file locations.

      In no case does NTB look at the INI file for folder locations - that was
      last seen in version 4.95. You can copy the INI file to the application
      folder and preserve your preferences (make sure it has the exact same name
      as the executable) but it is the existence of the folder, no embeded folder
      references that determine the folder locations.

      That being said, there is something strange going on (on my system as well
      as possibly yours)
      Here is a little clip to display the current NTB folder locations and the
      results for my system:

      ^!Toolbar New Document
      ^!InsertText Get NoteTab folder locations: ^%NL%
      ^!InsertText $GetAppPath$ = ^$GetAppPath$ ^%NL%
      ^!InsertText $GetDataPath$ = ^$GetDataPath$ ^%NL%
      ^!InsertText $GetDocumentPath$ = ^$GetDocumentPath$ ^%NL%
      ^!InsertText $GetFavoritePath$ = ^$GetFavoritePath$ ^%NL%
      ^!InsertText $GetLibraryPath$ = ^$GetLibraryPath$ ^%NL%
      ^!InsertText $GetLibraryUserPath$ = ^$GetLibraryUserPath$ ^%NL%
      ^!InsertText $GetTmpPath$ = ^$GetTmpPath$ ^%NL%

      1) NTB started with \USER=E:\Editors\NoteTab Supt\ command line option:
      Get NoteTab folder locations:
      $GetAppPath$ = E:\Editors\NoteTab5S\
      $GetDataPath$ = E:\Editors\NoteTab Supt\
      $GetDocumentPath$ = D:\Documents and Settings\Art\My Documents\
      $GetFavoritePath$ = E:\Editors\NoteTab Supt\Favorites\
      $GetLibraryPath$ = E:\Editors\NoteTab5S\Libraries\
      $GetLibraryUserPath$ = E:\Editors\NoteTab Supt\Libraries\
      $GetTmpPath$ = E:\Editors\NoteTab Supt\Temp\

      2) NTB started with an empty INI file in applications folder:
      Get NoteTab folder locations:
      $GetAppPath$ = E:\Editors\NoteTab5S\
      $GetDataPath$ = E:\Editors\NoteTab5S\
      $GetDocumentPath$ = E:\Editors\NoteTab5S\Documents\
      $GetFavoritePath$ = E:\Editors\NoteTab5S\Favorites\
      $GetLibraryPath$ = E:\Editors\NoteTab5S\Libraries\
      $GetLibraryUserPath$ = E:\Editors\NoteTab5S\Libraries\
      $GetTmpPath$ = C:\TEMPWIN\

      3) NTB started with a copy my normal INI file in applications folder
      (INI file contains NO folder paths!):
      Get NoteTab folder locations:
      $GetAppPath$ = E:\Editors\NoteTab5S\
      $GetDataPath$ = D:\Documents and Settings\Art\Application
      Data\NoteTab Std\
      $GetDocumentPath$ = D:\Documents and Settings\Art\My Documents\
      $GetFavoritePath$ = D:\Documents and Settings\Art\Application
      Data\NoteTab Std\Favorites\
      $GetLibraryPath$ = E:\Editors\NoteTab5S\Libraries\
      $GetLibraryUserPath$ = D:\Documents and Settings\Art\Application
      Data\NoteTab Std\Libraries\
      $GetTmpPath$ = C:\TEMPWIN\

      Tested under Win XP Pro
      Case #1 is as expected for the documents folder which I do not use but exists.
      Case #2 is as expected
      Case #3 is strange. There are no folder location= references in the INI
      file yet half the folders point to the Docs & Settings locations. enough to
      drive a person batty! [Which is probably what you have been experiencing.]

      Try running the clip on your system and post your results.

      [This has gotten too long. See next post for possible solution.]

      Namaste', Art


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