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Re: [Clip] Re: Get Path of Current Document?

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  • loro
    ... Or, since this is the Clip list... :-P ... h= %&#$!!! ^!hh.exe ^$GetAppPath$NoteTab.chm::/clip_basics.htm ... Lotta
    Message 1 of 11 , Jul 14 7:34 PM
      Lotta wrote:
      >Don wrote:
      > >I was trying to find all of the ^** type stuff in help the other day
      > >when I was working on this ... you cannot search help for those
      > >characters which was causing me difficulty in finding them. I wondered
      > >if the below statement would do what I needed ... but I never remember
      > >^** and ^## and what they are.
      >That's because you look in Clip Help, but they are in the ordinary Help file.
      >Reference Information | Tools | Editor Clipbook | Clip Basics

      Or, since this is the Clip list... :-P

      ^!hh.exe "^$GetAppPath$NoteTab.chm::/clip_basics.htm"

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