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Re: [Clip] Color Highlighting Clips Updated

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  • Sheri
    ... Great! Glad to hear it, thanks for letting me know. ... I m glad that works ok, I thought there would be some ini configuring necessary if PHP is installed
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 18 7:34 AM
      Alec Burgess wrote:
      > Hi Sheri:
      > Installation worked great following your description in Color
      > Highlighting Readme.txt.
      Great! Glad to hear it, thanks for letting me know.
      > I didn't already have PHP installed nor your previous Color Highlighting
      > version ... I hadn't reinstalled them when I had to re-install
      > everything when moving to my current machine.
      > I chose to use the installer version for PHP and also to install Apache
      > CGI - maybe one of the days I'll figure out a reason for wanting to
      > figure out how to use it :-)
      I'm glad that works ok, I thought there would be some ini configuring
      necessary if PHP is installed that way (to enable the PHP CLI (command
      line interface). I've always just download the zipped version and simply
      unzipped it locally.
      > I didn't bother trying the 4.95 or Notetab Lite specific features -
      > everything I tried with Notetab Pro 6.12 worked as expected (Display
      > Clipcode and PHP files, using the four display methods including testing
      > Regexp highlighting all worked.)
      > If using Color Highlighting in anger (ie. for real coding / testing
      > regexps) your suggestion that the mshta + notetab windows be tiled side
      > x side is probably the way I would want to work.
      In anger? Is that a typo? I should probably mention that for anyone
      running Custom Clipkeys see
      ), tiling the result window with NoteTab (horizontally or vertically) is
      just a click away.
      > Is it possible (somehow) ... to have mshta.exe remember how it's window
      > was last positioned and reuse that position on next activation?
      Yes that is possible if I add vbscript or jscript client side scripts to
      the hta itself. Would be much easier with Powerpro/Custom Clipkeys.
      > Currently it always opens full-screen and when restored to
      > non-fullscreen goes to center screen rather than last position+size. As
      > a frill and at user option (probably remembered through the session) -
      > maybe only for the Preview with options - the ability to kill the
      > previous mshta when starting the next one would be "nice".
      I agree, in fact I tried to find a way to do that (kill the previous
      withdow without PowerPro) but NoteTab is not detecting it with
      ^!IfAppOpen. Nor does it provide a way to close another window (other
      than sending Keystrokes). So that is not going to happen. In my own
      usage, I've gotten accustomed to clicking the "X" close button when I'm
      done with it to avoid multiple windows or tabs. Curiously you can make
      an HTA single-instance only, but then it only rejects opening a new
      window (doesn't update the existing window).
      > Also - when using user-highlighting you remember last highlight request
      > but NOT highlight type (ie. regex in use / not in use) and if doing
      > regex not which group to highlight. Chief annoyance is forgetting to
      > reset from default None to Highlight regex.
      > ... later ... I see, you remember them if doing consecutive Preview in
      > browser but forget them if doing an intervening Instant Preview ...
      > probably not necessary to change ... if I use it enough and it continues
      > to aggravate me I'll figure out where to change it myself. ;-)
      > As alway ... you do great work! The mshta option (thx Lotta) works much
      > faster than it would if using default Firefox browser (which is burdened
      > by way to many addons to the point that I frequently use the "Open tab
      > or link in Google chrome" option because its taking to long to display
      > in Firefox)
      I hadn't previously tried Chrome. Just installed the latest Beta. I
      would probably like it if it didn't display pages with such a tiny font
      size. I've gotten aggravated with it trying to make it come up using a
      reasonable text size. There are loud complaints about that on the Help
      board. I edited the "webkit" entries in Preferences as suggested in some
      Help postings, but that didn't work for me.
      > ... later ... I guess line "153 ^!Shell mshta ^** /NotetabColorHL" is
      > where I would focus if I wanted to force use of Google chrome instead.
      > (quick check seems to indicate that all that has to be done is change
      > the extension back to htm from hta).
      > I tried to google for possible command line parameters which would
      > control window size and placement but the first page of results seemed
      > to be all about people convinced their copy of mshta.exe was infected
      > with a trojan.
      > Hmmm ... I just made chrome.exe my [Other browser] in browsers.dat. It
      > opens instantly (at least on my system), supports its own built-in
      > Cntrl+F to find, allows "tearoff" of tabs, remembers positioning - and
      > if you get the development version and make the browser.dat entry read:
      > [GoogleChrome]
      > Command=chrome.exe --enable-extensions
      > might (eventually) support use of GreaseMonkey to do other "neat" things.
      > What do you think of the idea of adding another selector to the one's
      > you present now in Preview in Browser and Notetab GeSHi to allow user to
      > choose ANY browser he has previously set up in browser.dat AND if choice
      > is other than mstha.exe change extension of temp file from .HTA to .HTM?
      Trying to rename a Notetab temporary file is problematic. Just renaming
      the (unsaved) document doesn't do it.

      If you want to use the NoteTab Main browser, simply change the HLHTM.tpl
      file to create with the htm extension. Also replace two ^!Shell mshta
      lines in the clip library (one in Geshi and one in Preview) with:

      ^!Url ^$StrReplace("|";":";"^$FileToUrl(^**)$";Yes;Yes)$

      Actually (just tried) on my system I find that use of htm extension and
      ^!Url command currently works pretty well also if "mshta.exe" is entered
      in NoteTab options as the Main browser. Probably because the temporary
      file currently has no client-side scripts.

    • MotoMania
      I also like being able to test locally as it things much easier when I move the files to the online server. I also use includes on just about everything but
      Message 2 of 5 , Jun 18 9:55 PM
        I also like being able to test locally as it things much easier when I
        move the files to the online server. I also use includes on just about
        everything but the content portion of a page (header, footer, menus,
        info columns, etc.

        I'm not sure what you folks use but I've been using Xampp for several
        years and I like it. It is simple to setup on Windows (I've yet to try
        it with Vista Ultimate but probably will soon). I can run MySQL
        databases with it as well as php, etc. and it works well. I haven't had
        any issues with it. It allows me to fully test my pages/sites without
        the need for a test website, etc. which is the route I previously took.

        If interested, you can find Xampp on Apache Friends at



        Axel Berger wrote:
        > For me there are three reasons for testing pages locally in a server and
        > not just open the files in a browser:
        > - URLs relative to the root like /formate.css can't be used otherwise.
        > - I sometime use simple PHP inclusions.
        > - Most important: server side includes. Parts of the layout, like a
        > menu, are a part of every single page. With includes I can put it into a
        > separate file and only maintain and update that one single file when
        > required. In practice this applies to eight parts of my pages in
        > http://www.fdp-odenthal.de/ <http://www.fdp-odenthal.de/>
        > - The head and foot areaa
        > - The left and right columns
        > - Most of the content between <head> and </head>
        > - Invisible jump menues for voice readers and text browsers to go
        > quickly to any of the three columns.
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