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Re: [Clip] Re: beginners clip tutorial

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  • Alec Burgess
    Edward: Jody created a clip class (10 of 15 proposed lessons were completed) sometime during or before 2001. It should be accessible somewhere in or below
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 2, 2008
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      Jody created a "clip class" (10 of 15 proposed lessons were completed)
      sometime during or before 2001.
      It "should" be accessible somewhere in or below
      http://www.notetab.net/libraries.php I think but if it is I can't find
      it - though there are lots of other good things on that page worth
      having a look at.

      When I googled [notetab clipclass] and ["clipclass.zip" OR
      "cliptut.zip"] I found a number of old conversations in the groups
      archives but the links referenced are no longer accessible. They may
      still be accessible in or under http://www.notetab.net/ and I'm just not
      finding the correct links :-(

      However ... when I searched my hard-disk backups from previous computers
      I found an old folder containing these files:
      basic clip basics.txt

      * ClipClass.otl
      * ClipClass.pdf
      * ClipClass.ps
      * clipclass.zip - Jody's original clip class set (pre Notetab 5.x)
      but (I think) 95% accurate and worthwhile
      * H-Clip Basics.txt - Jim Hall's intro to creating clips
      * H-ClipLanguage-Intro.txt
      * H-Create Clipbook Libraries.txt
      * index.html - html version of Clip Basics with illustrations
      * NoteAwk_Manual.otl
      * NoteTabRef460.otl
      * NTB485HelpFile-Full.rtf
      * ntp1.gif
      * ntp2.gif
      * ntp3.gif
      * ntp4.gif

      which I've uploaded to the Files area as:

      Note: I requested a notification which should get sent but at least
      currently, trying to d/l *ANY* file from
      http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ntb-clips/files/ is giving me a Yahoo
      error message "The requested document is not accessible."
      Is anyone else able to access the file I uploaded or any other file from
      the files area?

      Regards ... Alec (buralex@gmail & WinLiveMess - alec.m.burgess@skype)

      ebbtidalflats (ebbtidalflats@...) wrote (in part) (on 2008-12-02
      at 17:24):
      > --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, "Edward" <ebrown1927@...> wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > I have a couple of questions, I searched for and did not find,
      > searched wrong places I guess, a beginners tutorial for writing clips.
      > Someone point me that direction please. That is if anyone is back
      > from the Christmas shopping experience of 2008.

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