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[Clip] Re: Wish List and Outline terminology [Folding Outlines 2]

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  • Kay Roath
    10/27/1999 8:51 AM Larry Thomas wrote ... I m running v2.6.9c & it s a very nice program for setting up a tree-based file. Unfortunately, the file requires a
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 27, 1999
      10/27/1999 8:51 AM Larry Thomas wrote
      > I am not sure you realize that Treepad has been upgraded. The problem you
      > are commenting on was addressed in version 2.0 when Henk added toolbar
      > buttons to the program.

      I'm running v2.6.9c & it's a very nice program for setting up a tree-based
      file. Unfortunately, the file requires a definition tag as the first line,
      header tag lines for each node, a node # definition line and an end article
      tag. Using the address example -
      <hj-Treepad version 0.9>
      Address Book
      <end node> 5P9i0s8y19Z
      <end node> 5P9i0s8y19Z
      Uncle Charlie
      1234 Any Street
      Anyplace, Country
      <end node> 5P9i0s8y19Z

      That's why there's import/export - to add / remove all those tage.
      With what I have in mind, you'd get the expand/contract like you have
      in the tree section without the tags. Your file would look like this
      Address Book
      Uncle Charlie
      1234 Any Street
      Anyplace, Country
      Aunt Bessie
      another address
      [ Info since not all fonts are equal, 3 spaces used for each indent ]
      A tree view based on indentation would not change the file at all but
      give you a tree like this
      -Address Book
      -Address Book means that node has been expanded. If you expanded +Family,
      you would see + lines for Uncle Charlie & Aunt Bessie. If you expanded
      those, you'd see the address info without a +/- because those lines all
      start at the same column.

      Since an address book is something you'd typically set up yourself, it
      doesn't matter much which format you use but if you've already got a
      text file & want a tree view, you have to add all those tags to get it
      to work with TreePad :( Import isn't much help because it uses a comma
      delimited file -
      node name, article text all on on line.

      Export gives you -
      article line
      article line.......

      No automatic indentation :(

      Right now, I'm learning MIVA & using sample code to see how things work.
      Lots of copy/cut/paste/flip between files/flip between functions. Have
      clips for syntax/test code. Have tree view in another program that also
      allows multiple files but no tabs. Could rewrite clips to work in that
      program but then there's all that flipping between programs to execute
      a clip & refocus because the focus clip commands only give me that silly
      little flashing icon in Win98 & I have to click to get back to where I
      want to be :( No good solutions available at the present time! Thus,
      my standard response to problem - NoteTab wish list :)

      --- Grandma Kay ---
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