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Re: [Clip] Meta content regex find

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  • buralex@gmail.com
    abetsent said on Feb 25, 2008 10:39 -0500 ... As Sheri indicated, you need to put (?s) at the beginning of your Regex to make .
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      "abetsent" <backup2abet@...> said on Feb 25, 2008 10:39 -0500
      (in part):
      > Hi friends,
      > I have this meta content:
      > <META content=mba management management business administration
      > programs hr courses human resources financial workflow voip
      > virtualization supply chain management scm public administration
      > project management program pm planning online mba programs online
      > methodology learning internet marketing international trade government
      > finance management finance executive erp enterprise resources emba
      > education customer relationship crm course correspondence cio chief
      > information officer certifications business intelligence business
      > automation bi name=keywords>
      > and tried to find with this regex:
      > ^!Find "<META content=(.*?)=keywords>" Rtis
      > and do not worked.
      > Please kindly inform what is wrong?
      As Sheri indicated, you need to put (?s) at the beginning of your Regex
      to make "." match at line breaks.
      > This regex do not passed in regex-coach also, but I tried several
      > things without results.
      When testing one of these regexp questions asked in the clips list I
      often Copy the whole email text and paste in the Target string input box
      in Regex Coach. When I do this with your email and then copy your
      "failing" string: <META content=(.*?)=keywords> to the Regular
      Expression text box at the top I find that it matches (as expected) the
      literal regular expression but misses the example that you wish to match.

      Put (?s) at the beginning and now it matches both.

      In a subsequent response to Sheri you said:
      > Also, I tried with (?s) before, and do not worked also.
      I really think there must be something else going on (perhaps some typo
      you've looked at so much you keep missing it?) ... have you retried with
      Regexp Coach (as per the above)?

      Regards ... Alec -- buralex-gmail

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