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  • Kay Roath
    3/30/1999 3:55 PM emerge wrote ... Since %exclude% is only the extention, ^!If ^$StrPos( htm ; ^%EXCLUDE% ;False)$ 0 would catch *htm* ... Introduction to
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 30, 1999
      3/30/1999 3:55 PM emerge wrote
      > James You might have problems with the following line
      > ^!Set %EXCLUDE%=^$GetExt(^%TIDY%)$
      > ^!IfSame "^%EXCLUDE%" ".htm" NEXT ELSE EXIT

      > Note; the clip excludes all files exept for .htm extensions, however you
      > might be useing .html as a file extension. It would be nice to be able to
      > use boolean operators (OR AND NOT)with clip comparison functions but we
      > don't have that yet I think.
      > ;this does not work
      > ;^!IfSame "^%EXCLUDE%" ".htm" OR ".html " NEXT ELSE EXIT

      > This is the work around
      > ^!IfSame "^%EXCLUDE%" ".htm" SKIP ELSE NEXT
      > ^!IfSame "^%EXCLUDE%" ".html" NEXT ELSE EXIT

      Since %exclude% is only the extention,
      ^!If ^$StrPos("htm";"^%EXCLUDE%";False)$ > 0
      would catch *htm*

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