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[Clip] Re: Clips manual

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  • Wayne VanWeerthuizen
    ... Actually the outline DOES tell a small bit more than the help file. There are a couple commands for which I entirely rewrote Eric s descriptions, and at
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 25, 1999
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      Gopal Raj <gopalraj@...> wrote:

      >Thanks for coming to my rescue once again. I did have Wayne
      >VanWeerthuizen's NoteTabRef460.otl, but that didn't tell me
      >anything more than the Help file.

      Actually the outline DOES tell a small bit more than the help file.
      There are a couple commands for which I entirely rewrote Eric's
      descriptions, and at least one place where I am using a description
      provided by Jody. (But its been while, and now I can't remember which
      items these were.)

      We are still looking for people to volunteer better descriptions (and
      examples!) all the others commands and functions. While doing this
      for all the commands is a lot of work, it would be helpful if people
      can offer this for even a few of them. (In fact, if we could get all
      the experienced regulars on this list to each write nice examples for
      a dozen of NoteTab's commands that would push this slow project near

      [ I especially wish our ^!Keyboard command experts would provide some
      more extensive help on how to get keys to the many parts of NoteTab's
      screen from a within a clip, and explain why this technique is
      sensitive to timing issues and not always reliable. ]

      I still don't like having my name attached to it. I usually just call
      it "The NoteTab Reference Outline". This is because I've from the
      start wanted it to be more of a group project. The other reason I
      can't claim too much credit for it - currently the vast majority of
      the wording it Eric's. My contribution was basically just the design,
      and then deciding which commands to group with the "See Also's".
      (Although this was several hours work on my part, I imagine it was
      many more hours of Eric's work.)

      Some Related Questions:

      Has anyone made use of my "New Clip Commands" clip? It adds the
      ability to easily write Clip code with simplified loops and if
      statements. (Such as with the WhileTrue and EndWhile commands) It
      automatically turns that back into regular clip code, when you run
      your clip. The current version of the NoteTab Reference Outline has
      topics for my new commands. Should they remain in future versions of
      the outline or be removed? And, Eric, have you considered adding the
      While____, EndWhile and For and EndFor commands into NoteTab itself?

      Wayne M. VanWeerthuizen
      ICQ: 15117288
      Homepage: http://landru.myhome.net/wayne
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