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Re: NoteTab 5.4 (including NoteTab Light) now released

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  • ebbtidalflats
    Eric, Sorry to be late for the new edition, but I just ran across this again after upgrading ... A. DESTRUCTIVE ERROR HANDLING ! The following clip
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 11, 2007
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      Sorry to be late for the new edition, but I just ran across this again
      after upgrading ...


      The following clip demonstrates, that NoteTab's error handler
      does NOT generate an error from a truncated function, but instead
      treats following commands as plain text as a result of the error.

      1. Note:

      a. the logic flow seems to follow instructions
      b. the commands in the logic flow are executed WRONG
      c. no error is generated.

      2. This clip WRITES to the current doc, so use a blank!

      a. run the clip as is
      b. comment out the last line and run it again
      c. uncomment last line, comment out next to last, run again

      ;Demonstrate potentially DESTRUCTIVE ERROR HANDLING
      ;when a built-in function is incomplete
      ^!Goto ERROR
      ;deliberate syntax error, out of logic flow:
      ^!If ^$StrSize
      ^!Goto END
      ^!Info [L]Plain text message with a Dollar sign "$", ends in a
      ^!Info [L]Plain text message ending in a newline^%nl%


      B. Previously reported bugs in Toolbar ICON handling

      This problem dates back to at least version 4.95:

      It seems to be fixed in Windows 2000, but NOT in Windows XP

      Platform XP Pro, Tablet edition.
      P 3, 1.3 GHz, 512 MB RAM
      SOftware loaded -- Notetab, Win Explorer

      Toolbar configuration (simplified):
      Configuration of buttons and toolbar appearance (from INI file) --
      long line:
      ClickSound=0 | RaisedButtons=1 | ShowCaptions=0 | ShowToolTips=1 |
      UseSeparators=1 | WrapButtons=1 | ButtonWidth=0 | CaptionFont=MS |
      Sans | Serif;8;;-16777208;1 | SoundFile=
      ---- END long line

      Tools on my toolbar ('|' delimits tools; '||' signifies a space in
      toolbar) -- long line:
      New Document | Open Document | Save Document || Cut | Copy | Paste |
      Paste New || Toggle Word Wrap | Font | Increase Font Size | Decrease
      Font Size || Paste Board | Spell Check | Thesaurus | Text Statistics |
      View in Browser | Strip HTML || Options || Exit |
      ---- END long line

      0. Start with the above configuration
      1. Open options, set buttons to "Show captions", close options
      displays toolbar as 2 lines, wide icons, captions on

      2. Open options, remove the "Save Document" tool, close options
      displays toolbar as 1 line of wide icons, some off-screen
      captions hidden under clipbar of doc tabs
      ICON assignments according to SMALL icons, rather
      than the wide icons still displayed. I.e.
      Tool-tip over "New Doc" icon
      "New doc" on left, "Open Doc" on right
      Tool-tip over "Open Doc" icon
      "Cut" on left, "Copy" in middle, "Paste" on right

      3. Open options, restore the "SaveDocument" tool, close options
      displays toolbar with Save icon, otherwise as in 2.
      I.e. I hover mouse over SAVE icon: tooltip
      displays "Copy", or "Paste", or "Paste New",
      depending on WHERE over the icon mouse points.

      4. Open options, UNcheck "Show Captions", close options
      Displays correctly

      The only thing that seems to correct this behavior is to turn off
      "Show Captions".


      C. NoteTab closes incorrectly

      Quite often (but not always), when I have the ClipCode help open,
      after using both help and editing documents and libraries, NoteTab
      does not exit fully, when closed.

      Problem affects Windows XP Pro, but NOT WIndows 2000.
      Is there a patterne here?

      I have been unable to trace this to any particular action, except
      Help. The longer I have NoteTab loaded, and the more I use help, the
      more likely this problem occurs.

      When I exit NoteTab, it closes the editor, closes the help file, but
      leaves an orphan process in the task manager, 9 out of ten times. The
      rest of the time it works as expected.

      More important (to me) it never sends an exit code to the batchfile I
      use to load NoteTab. This batchfile waits for NoteTab to close, and
      then backs up the modified files. When it doesn't get an exit signal,
      it doesn't back up.



      Wishlist for a more powerfule NoteTab:

      A Built-in function to get and set every toggled configuration in
      NoteTab. A single function, that could do this by passing the feature
      to be tested or set would be enough. Or at least for all features that
      are toggle by menu.

      Built-in function, that returns the name of the library in the
      clipbook, even when run in a far clip in another library. For example
      a clip running from the clipBAR.
    • Eric Fookes
      Hi Eb, Thanks for feedback. I ve been aware of the toolbar issue for a while. Unfortunately, the problem is not in NoteTab s code but in the Delphi VCL.
      Message 2 of 5 , Sep 14, 2007
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        Hi Eb,

        Thanks for feedback. I've been aware of the toolbar issue for a while.
        Unfortunately, the problem is not in NoteTab's code but in the Delphi
        VCL. Currently, the only solution would be to change toolbar, which
        would break compatibility with all previous versions of NoteTab. The
        other solution is to upgrade my compiler and hope that the problem is
        fixed in the new version. We'll see in a future update...

        I've fixed the Clip parser error, which will benefit the next NoteTab
        update. I haven't been able to reproduce the closing error on my XP
        system. Don't know what that could be.


        Eric Fookes
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