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Re: [Clip] Run external programme

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  • Alec Hall
    Thanks everyone for your help. Axel gave me the answer and the following works well. ... ^!Set %varFIL%=^$GetDocName$ ^!Set
    Message 1 of 17 , May 31, 2007
      Thanks everyone for your help.
      Axel gave me the answer and the following works well.
      ^!Set %varFIL%=^$GetDocName$
      ^!Set %varFIL%=^$StrReplace("\";"/";"^%varFIL";FALSE;FALSE)$
      ^!c:/program files/netscape/netscape/netscp.exe ^%varFIL%
      It would be good to assign the clip to a shortcut key but I can find no
      lead to how that can be done. Maybe it's not possible.
      Thanks again.

      >Just to make sure, have you gone to View > Options then the HTML Files
      >There is a place on the middle right portion of the screen called
      >"Preview server-side".
      >It allows you to specify the Server name and the Physical Path. F1 Help
      >will give explicit directions on this.
      >Setting these allow you to see php, cgi, ruby, whatever pages in
      >whichever web browser you direct them to.
      >This should avoid some of the code-wrangling you are using now.
      >Larry Hamilton
      >Kairos Computer Solutions
      >Sales Affiliate for Grisoft Anti-Virus
      >Alec Hall wrote:
      >> Dear Axel,
      >> I don't seem to have explained myself very well. I've tried ^** but
      >> that returns the full path name of the file and that wont work at all.
      >> Running PHP files in any browser requires that a WAMP server is
      >> Once that is done (for me at machine start-up), the file HAS to be
      >> addressed
      >> http://localhost/part of file address/filename.php
      >> In one case for me it becomes..
      >> http://localhost/mesh4us/htdocs/sheffield/main.php?page1
      >> The PHP interpreter then runs in any browser on my machine just as it
      >> would on a PHP enabled web host.

      Alec Hall. Often known as crusty. "nil illegitimum carborundum"
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