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Re: [Clip] Coding for Linux

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  • hsavage
    ... Lee, I believe Axel s right, the path has an extra space following FireFox . Try this: H= Wine Launcher ^!SetDebug 0 ; Folowing removes C: and changes
    Message 1 of 2 , May 23 5:53 AM
      Axel Berger wrote:
      > Lee Underwood wrote:
      >> The problem is that it adds "http:/",
      > My guess is, it doesn't. Something is not quite right
      > with your path, and Firefox adds it in its second try,
      > as it always does with slightly incomplete URLs.
      > Try scattering a few "^!Continue ^%path%" in your
      > code and watch what you're really doing here.
      > Axel


      I believe Axel's right, the path has an extra space following 'FireFox'.

      Try this:

      H="Wine Launcher"
      ^!SetDebug 0
      ; Folowing removes C:\ and changes \ to / for proper Linux path.
      ^!Set %path%=^$StrDeleteLeft("^$GetExpandedName(^**)$";3)$
      ^!Set %path%=^$StrReplace("\";"/";"^%path%^%name%";false;true)$
      ^!Shell "/usr/bin/firefox/home/USERNAME/wine/^%path%"

      It might work!

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      "Others will be blamed."
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