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    TIDY Clipbook Hello Eric et al, This is my first post to the board and I think it s a good one. Read on ... For reference, I m using NoteTab Pro 4.6 Final.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 1999
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      TIDY Clipbook Hello Eric et al,

      This is my first post to the board and I think it's a good one. Read on ...

      For reference, I'm using NoteTab Pro 4.6 Final.

      I've recently began creating my own Clipbooks. Mostly simple stuff like the JavaScript mouseOver in the NoteTab Clipbook Libray and I'm not real good with the more advanced stuff, yet. Anyway ...

      There is a free program being distributed by a member of the W3C called TIDY. In addition there is another free program distributed by Chami Software called HTML-Kit that includes a graphic TIDY interface.

      The TIDY program is easy to use from the command line, but the HTML-Kit is more "hands-on."

      Basically TIDY takes a look at your HTML file and generates validated code. There are also a number of other options like warnings, error messages, inclusion of omitted tags, tabulating, and output as XML 1.0 and the new X-HTML recommendation.

      The XML output is the basic vanilla XML 1.0 flavor and doesn't address the new recommendations like namespaces. I think the X-HTML output was a fluke that just happened at the right time.

      I believe TIDY is based around all of the HTML specifications. I've tried it on some HTML 3.2 and 2.0 files and validated them against the W3C's Validator with great success. I use it on all my pages--coded as HTML 4.0 Transitional.

      HTML-Kit gives you four windows to work with: The original file, the TIDY output, a preview window and a split-view between the source and the TIDY output. There is also an additional error window that allows you to click on the error and then takes you to the corresponding line in the original file. Clear as mud, right?

      My Question to Eric:

      >>Is it possible to incorporate TIDY into NoteTab Pro similar to Stephen Le Hunte's, HTML Reference Library (and HTML-Kit)? I think it would be a big plus. As it stands, I have to open the pages separately in both NTP and HTML-Kit and then copy and paste back and forth.

      Eric's reply:

      >You could probably automate the task by writing a Clip script. And if the TIDY utility supports Windows pipes to exchange data, then you could use the ^$GetInputOutput("Command")$ Clip function.

      Apparently the clip function will work and does allow data exchange. It's just a matter of setting it up. I'm rather busy and I'm working on this in my spare time. I'm writing to ask if there is a quick Clipbook setup that will create a new file in NoteTab with the TIDY output, or if anyone would be interested in helping me set up something more complex (similar to HTML-Kit).

      I appreciate all input, so don't hold back. If you think you have the solution or a quick fix for the time being, I would love to hear it.

      Thanks for your cooperation.

      James Spurlock design@...

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