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Re: Need list of subdirectories in a checkbox array wizard

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  • abairheart
    The following alwaus works for me (Win XP and Win 2K): ^$GetDosOutput(dir /o /b c: path *.* )$ To get a list of folders, try: ^$GetDosOutput(dir /a:D /o /b
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 22, 2006
      The following alwaus works for me (Win XP and Win 2K):

      ^$GetDosOutput(dir /o /b "c:\path\*.*")$

      To get a list of folders, try:

      ^$GetDosOutput(dir /a:D /o /b "c:\path\*.*")$

      or use any other path instead of the above.

      NOTE: the PATH is in quotes separately!


      --- In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, "Wright, John - Textron Financial"
      <JWright@...> wrote:
      > I used most of what Charlie developed (thank you, Charlie), and it
      got me
      > 90% of where I need to be.
      > I have tried at least a hundred different code tweaks and still
      can't get a
      > checkbox array wizard to work with output from the
      > ^$GetDosOutput("Command")$.
      > The command to returns a list of directories. What I want to do is
      list the
      > directories in a checkbox wizard so I can select one of the
      directories from
      > the list for further processing. I am able to build an array, but
      > wizard, even with the (T=A) will not provide a checkbox list.
      Using debug,
      > depending on what method I try, the wizard provides either a single
      line of
      > all array elements, a single line of array elements with || in
      between each
      > element or a list of elements in a box without checkboxes. Using
      > ^!SetListDelimiter | doesn't seem to matter.
      > I have built checkbox wizards successfully in the past, but never
      from DOS
      > output, so I think that has something to do with it.
      > John
      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: Charles M. Raine [mailto:rainec@...]
      > Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2006 8:51 PM
      > To: NoteTab Clips List
      > Subject: Re: [Clip] Need list of subdirectories
      > Hi John & Harvey:
      > Here is a corrected and expanded version.
      > H="Dirnames"
      > ; Modified & Expanded by:
      > ; Charles M. Raine < rainec@... >
      > ; 02/09/2006, 06:49:55 PM
      > ; Long Line.
      > ^!Set %folder%=^?{(T=D)Pick Folder=C:\}; %subs%=^?{List ALL
      > Subdirs==YES^=/s|_NO^=^%empty%}
      > ; End Long Line.
      > ^!If ^%subs%="/s" ^!Set %subFN%="With Sub. Folders"
      > ^!If ^$IsEmpty(^%subs%)$=1 ^!Set %subFN%="with No Sub-folders"
      > ^!Set %folderName%="Dir. Names Starting with: ^%folder% ^%subFN%"
      > ^!Set %list%=^$GetDosOutput("dir/ad/b/l/on^%subs% "^%folder%"")$
      > ^!Set %list%=^$StrReplace("^%folder%";"";"^%list%";0;0)$
      > ^!SetWizardTitle ^%folderName%
      > ^!Info [L]^%list%
      > Charlie
      > Charles M. Raine,
      > Winnipeg. MB R3P 0W3
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