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RE: [Clip] Replacing quotation marks in clip variables

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  • Jamal Mazrui
    The following seems to work: ^!SetCode %working%=^$StrReplace( ; ;^%working%;False;False)$ Regards, Jamal ... From: ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 20, 2005
      The following seems to work:

      ^!SetCode %working%=^$StrReplace(""";"\'";^%working%;False;False)$


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      Subject: [Clip] Replacing quotation marks in clip variables

      Hello, all. I've been working with NoteTab for a while now, but I
      just joined this group. I need some help with clip programming, but I
      can't find anything in the standard help file.

      I'm writing a PHP library (mostly as a way to learn PHP), and I'm
      trying to make a clip that will modify the contents of a print()
      command to make it PHP-safe. This means replacing tabs with \t,
      newlines with \n, etc. I've managed to do this without much trouble
      so far.

      What I'm having trouble with is the quotation marks. I can replace
      SINGLE quotes this way:

      ^!SetCode %working%=^$StrReplace("'";"\'";^%working%;False;False)$

      (%working% is just a variable containing the user content to be

      Obviously this won't work for double-quotes, and as far as I know,
      NoteTab doesn't have a token for this.



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