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RE: [Clip] Puzzling error about inability to create NotePro.ini

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  • Jamal Mazrui
    Thanks for your response, Larry. It makes sense that the cause is security related since later windows versions and service packs address this more. I m
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 24, 2005
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      Thanks for your response, Larry. It makes sense that the cause is security related since later windows versions and service packs address this more.

      I'm puzzled, however, by a couple things related to this explanation: (1) I do have complete administrator privileges on the Windows XP computer, and (2) the problem occurs inconsistently, i.e., sometimes but not each time I close NoteTab.

      Your message does give me the idea to try an alternitive folder for NotePro.ini.


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      Windows 2K & XP have multi-user features/security that Win95 & 98 do not
      have. If you are not a power user or administrator on a 2K/XP system,
      and the ini file is outside of a folder structure owned by your
      username, you will encounter this. I find this on WinXP Home where users
      can be either full administrator or limited. There are some workarounds
      for placement of the ini file in a directory owned by the user, or with
      a special batch file. I do not remember who posted the batch file solution.

      Until Eric updates NoteTab to handle the multi-user versions of Windows,
      you will need to try one of the workarounds.

      Larry Hamilton
      Kairos Computer Solutions
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      Jamal Mazrui wrote:

      >After using clips in a library I've developed, sometimes an error
      >message appears when closing NoteTab Pro. It says that it cannot create
      >the NotePro.ini configuration file. The path to the file name is
      >correct, i.e., it points to the default location in the program folder,
      >which I have not changed.
      >I know that NoteTab tries to save current settings on exit, so evidently
      >this is when the problem arises. Consistent wit that observation, the
      >same problem sometimes occurs when a clip executes the ProgIniSave
      >command--even when I've used SetIniFile immediately before it with no
      >parameters to make sure the default .ini file was being used.
      >I've noticed that this problem occurs significantly more often with a
      >Windows XP computer compared to Windows 2000. It has been elusive and
      >frustrating to me--I've spent hours trying to eliminate possible causes.
      >I had code that was writing to the ClipValues section of NotePro.ini,
      >and I wondered if that was the cause--even though this is a supported
      >feature. I changed the code to write to a private .ini file instead.
      >I've deleted NotePro.ini so that a new one is created. I've reinstalled
      >NoteTab Pro. Still, the problem mysteriously arises on occasion!
      >Has anyone had a similar experience? I would appreciate any ideas for
      >resolving this.

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