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Re: Find-Replace four characters of which two might be random

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  • Carol Whitney
    BIG blush - nothing like being a week late replying to a post geared to help me out so immensely! Sorry about that; if you don t want to be busy, don t
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 13, 2005
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      BIG blush - nothing like being a week late replying to a post geared
      to help me out so immensely! Sorry about that; if you don't want to
      be busy, don't RETIRE!

      At 23:04 05-08-06 -0400, Alec Burgess wrote:

      >Hi Carol. Welcome aboard - you've made the first big step by
      >figuring out how to join the clips list in additon of the regular
      >list :-|

      Umm; thanks! Wasn't that hard, since both groups are listed, and I
      have, at least, been around Yahoo groups for a time. Very useful
      things, they are!

      > > How could I do this? Would a clip-program be ideal?
      >Yes it will be!

      Oh, goodie; step number one!

      >Its probably just a simple one-line replace statement using a *very*
      >simple reqexp that is required but it's tough to tell without an

      Yeah; I'd guess that's what it would be. I know NOTHING of regexp.
      Nothing at all. I'd have to copy or parrot, rather than try to figure
      it out, most likely!

      > > Can anybody give me a steer? Is my example sufficient?
      >I've got an idea what's going on and your description is perfectly
      > > *** I receive plain text only. To attach a file, notify
      > > me first. ***
      >Attachements aren't allowed on this list anyway!

      Umm yeah, I checked. I try to avoid groups that permit attachments;
      those can be hazardous to a machine's health, even when reasonably
      protected. I leave the notice there, though, because some of the
      groups I frequent have posters who can't handle an email client, and
      use stuff like Incredimail or something like that - and the Yahoo
      group strips the attachments, but if they email you privately, you
      get all that stuff! So I actually do strip - not attachments, though
      my ISP is working on making that possible, but entire emails - refuse
      them if they're not in plain text. Supposedly I get a postmaster
      notice, so I could whitelist an address, but that seems not to be
      working right now. If it's not an inconvenience to the group, I'll
      leave the signature there; too easy for me to forget to change it.
      (Please let me know if it's an inconvenience!)

      >Could you zip together three example files and put the zip file in the
      >yahoo-groups file section? Its neccessary to check whether these are
      >"ordinary" files with a funny characters or are (say) UTF-16 which will
      >require corrective action first.

      Aha! They should be mostly in plain text, but with those
      approximately (not always) four ?binary? bytes that start the YARN
      files. They're not even UTF-8, far less UTF-16, which I just heard of
      for the first time ever in your post!

      >If they are "ordinary" you could put "^...." in the Find box, "xxxx
      >" in the Replace box and tick [x] Regular expressions in the Replace

      WOW! I think I see what you're driving at! I keep trying to re-save
      the files in Note Tab, and those characters are still there, yet I
      can't see that they're in any way plain text - oh; I think they're
      control characters - ASCII 0-27 (did I count wrong? yes; umm - 0-31

      (See what parroting does - well, I once knew a little of this stuff
      but I'm old, and it escapes me fast, and this is a situation where
      approximation won't do very well, haha!)

      Regexp might, but I'm totally ignorant about that, and not

      >Expressed in a clip as:
      >H="fix crap"
      >^!replace "^...." >> "xxxx " RWSAIT

      I think maybe my Eudora quoting is partly messing that up; not sure.

      Still, I should sort of get the idea. I can't yet read the docs,
      though I downloaded a few things and got them into a library!
      (following directions). Wow!

      >Approximately how many of these files do you have to fix. ie. is it
      >hundreds or thousands? The answer will determine what kind of answer

      Its probably hundreds, maybe well over a thousand.

      >Regards ... Alec
      >; ( ) { } [ ] \ | 9 0 + = () {} []

      That's cute. Looks like something regexp-ish! in a way.

      >---- Original Message ----
      >From: "Carol Whitney" <cwhitney@...>
      >To: <ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com>
      >Sent: Saturday, August 06, 2005 20:26
      >Subject: [gla: [Clip] Find-Replace four characters of which
      >two might be random
      > > Hi; I'm brand new here.

      And I'm too wordy; sorry - so I'm providing the Yahoo number of my
      original question to replace Alex's quote of it: it's message #
      14099, posted on the date shown just above.

      (for anybody who downloads mail in individual messages, the
      Return-path contains three sets of digits separated by hyphens; the
      middle set relates to the Yahoo message number, and varies from group
      to group in just how MUCH it varies. Here, currently, the message
      number is 3092 greater than the number in the middle between the
      hyphens, if you follow me. Yes, I'm a Group Nerd. Sort of by accident.


      This information is probably only helpful for people trying to locate
      the original message from the group web site; Yahoo search is so bad,
      but if you plug in the Yahoo message number for a specific post, then
      you can find it fast.

      (I've only tested this a few times, but it does seem consistent
      within any one Yahoo group.) And my Eudora lets me paste the Yahoo
      message number into its message index, and even into the body of the
      already-downloaded message.

      Next time, I'll try to stick closer to the single topic - just coming
      off a huge project that isn't done yet, but the hardest part is
      through, I think / hope.

      Love Note Tab Pro, and my friend does, too!

      Sat, 13 Aug 2005 14:33:30
      Carol Whitney
      *** I receive plain text only. To attach a file, notify me first. ***
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