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Find-Replace four characters of which two might be random

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  • Carol Whitney
    Hi; I m brand new here. I m fairly new to NoteTabPro, but able to use it; however, I don t understand the docs. I go back and forth from one part to another
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2005
      Hi; I'm brand new here.

      I'm fairly new to NoteTabPro, but able to use it; however, I don't
      understand the docs. I go back and forth from one part to another and
      find myself in a sea (sea-sick) disorientation (nothing new for me!)

      So, I'll bet there could be a clip library or program to edit an old
      YARN mail file that is all plain text *except for* approximately the
      first four characters of each message stored in the file.

      Here are sample quotes, of a few of the Return-path lines in one of
      my files; these come from SOUP packets made by YARN. (These will wrap
      in my Eudora, but in the text file, its not wrapped).

      In the first four characters of each line shown here, the "c" is
      something I typed to replace what a separate hex editor (hey, I guess
      NTP will show hex! I'll try that!) - shows as control characters,
      e.g. hex 10, 12, on the first line shown here, and there's a
      character I can't see with my poor vision, for which I substituted a
      ? The tildes are what I chose as a replacement for binary characters
      on loading a file; I couldn't see nor find out what the default is in
      NoteTabPro, not even when I tried using the Windows Character Map
      (from outside NTP; I hadn't yet discovered you can invoke these from
      inside, and I'll try that, too).

      cc~~Return-Path: <sentto-213542-340-

      ¼c~~Return-Path: <sentto-213542-343-

      ¼c~~Return-Path: <sentto-213542-343-

      7c~~Return-Path: <sentto-213542-346-

      ?c~~Return-Path: <sentto-213542-347-

      In my original file, I see two square boxes that begin the first
      quote shown here, and one square box as the second of the first four
      characters in the other examples. I have no idea what Eudora, sending
      in plain-text-only, will do with those.

      I have lots and lots of these YARN SOUP packets, from a recovered
      hard drive. I want to edit the recovered files and get rid of those
      first (usually four) characters; it would be okay to replace them
      with nothing, or to convert them, say, to four tildes in a row.

      How could I do this? Would a clip-program be ideal? I tried to
      understand the docs for a keyboard macro, but I couldn't understand
      those, either. I'd guess that if I did nothing but study NTP, I'd
      begin to understand eventually, but it might take me a year or so.

      Can anybody give me a steer? Is my example sufficient?


      Sat, 06 Aug 2005 17:25:59
      Carol Whitney
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