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Re: [Clip] Basic tips on using Perl progs?

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  • Alan C
    Ian Rastall wrote:[ . . ] ... It s not a challenge. In fact, it s rather easy. The ^!RunPerl command operates on the currently focused doc. And, if there s
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 6, 2005
      Ian Rastall wrote:[ . . ]

      >For instance, if I were trying to simply rewrite a clip I've already
      >got, like:
      >^!InsertHtml <p>^$GetSelection$</p>
      >even that is a challenge to re-do in Perl, as I'm a newbie. How to do
      >^$GetSelection$, for instance ... I imagine you have to get the
      >highlighted selection into $_ somehow, or some variable, and write it
      >back with appended text.
      It's not a challenge. In fact, it's rather easy. The


      command operates on the currently focused doc. And, if there's no
      selection then it acts like as if the entire doc is selected (processes
      whole doc). And, If there is a selection then it operates only on the
      selection. Easy.

      >The clip commands to run Perl programs are interacting with the
      Notetab acts as the command director (top administrator) so to speak.
      Merely what happens is Notetab passes the commands to the command line.
      At that point your sys has the commands which then hand off to Perl.
      Perl works (insert image of mule (or tractor etc.) hauling cargo),
      processes ON THE current Notetab doc. Such doc in Notetab is merely a
      buffer (memory buffer on a file that may or may not yet exist on disk)

      > Questions like this. Any pointers would be well appreciated.
      samplecode clip library it's Perl NumLines clip as an example.


      those archives have plenty. Also, Perl is appropriate topic there, more
      so than here at ntb-clips.

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