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Re: [Clip] PasteBoard creating duplicate entries

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  • Jody
    Hi Harvey, ... Yes, I understood, sorry for the confusion in my reply. I just wanted to verify we were on the same page. ;) ... Correct. It was because some
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 14, 2005
      Hi Harvey,

      >>> But, I can now, and have always been able to copy the same
      >>> selected text to the PasteBoard file. Every time I press
      >>> Ctrl+C or select Copy from a drop down menu it pastes another
      >>> copy of the selected text into the PasteBoard file.
      > >
      >> You mean if you highlight some text *in another application*
      >> and press Ctrl+C holding it down your PasteBoard document will
      >> start filling up with txt non-stop?
      >> In NoteTab you can copy as much of the same text you want in
      >> another tab.
      >I should have been more specific, I meant repeatedly pressing
      >Ctrl+C pastes the selected text repeatedly into the PasteBoard.
      >One press, one paste but it is the same text.

      Yes, I understood, sorry for the confusion in my reply. I just
      wanted to verify we were on the same page. ;)

      >I may have misunderstood problem, do you mean, in older versions
      >the same selection would get pasted multiple times with just one
      >press of Ctrl+C, etc..

      Correct. It was because some programs copied text to the
      Clipboard 2-3 times and therefore NoteTab would capture the text
      that many times. We were getting a lot of complaints, so Eric's
      fix was to block multiple attempts of the same text to be
      appended/copied to the PasteBoard. Every since the change was made
      if you want to get the same text twice for some reason (and there
      are those times for me when using the PasteBack/OnClipboardChange
      feature), other text has to be copied first and then the text you
      actually want before NoteTab will paste it to the PasteBoard
      again. Your copy of NoteTab allows it for some reason.

      >Multiple pastes in that manner have never been a problem in my
      >use of NoteTab.

      I had only seen it a few times myself, but we knew there was a problem,
      because of the amount of support eMail I received about it. You
      can probably still find mail in the yahoo archives about it being
      a problem.

      Take care,
      Jody Adair

      The whole world doth err save you and me,
      and even thou doest err some! ;)
      http://notetab.net, http://fookes.us
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