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Re: [Clip] Sequential numbering

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  • Alan C
    ... ^!Jump DOC_START ^!Set %indx%=0 ... ^!Inc %indx% ^!Find +++++ IS ^!IfError end ^!Replace $getselection$ Chapter ^%indx% IS ^!Goto do_while
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 6, 2005
      Julie wrote:

      >Hi all,
      >[ . . ] , but I'm stuck with how to automate
      >the numbering. Say I have a pasteboard divider of
      >Is there any way to find/replace with
      >Chapter 1
      >then next one into
      >Chapter 2,
      >and so on until the end?
      ^!Jump DOC_START
      ^!Set %indx%=0
      ^!Inc %indx%
      ^!Find "+++++" IS
      ^!IfError end
      ^!Replace "$getselection$" >> "Chapter ^%indx%" IS
      ^!Goto do_while

      There it is. But you need to correct the syntax of just the $getselection$

      Ok? I'm right now on Linux doing Linux things, Perl things also. I
      just wrote the above off of the top of my head so to speak. My Ntab
      help and references (to reference syntax(s) ) are not yet set up on my

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