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RE: [Clip] How single loading of program actually works

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  • Jamal Mazrui
    Thanks for looking into this with the developer and relaying the explanation. Regards, Jamal ... From: Jody [mailto:kjv-av1611@earthlink.net] Sent: Thursday,
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 14, 2005
      Thanks for looking into this with the developer and relaying the


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      From: Jody [mailto:kjv-av1611@...]
      Sent: Thursday, April 14, 2005 11:31 AM
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      Subject: RE: [Clip] How single loading of program actually works

      Hi Jamal,

      >Based on the behavior of my screen reader utility (JAWS), I
      >suspected that another copy of NoteTab was being quickly launched
      >and then closed. I say this because the screen reader reloads its
      >configuration settings for NoteTab when I run a clip from the
      >command line. This is a minor problem because sometimes I have
      >temporarily changed settings, e.g., turned off the verbalizing of
      >punctuation, and I lose those temporary changes, which are
      >replaced by the default settings on disk.

      You are correct. It is a Windows feature and the command-line
      thing that causes the second instance to try to be opened. Eric
      cannot change that, but can only trap and close it like you first

      The second instance never loads though (NoteTab, Toolbar,
      Clipbar, Clipbook, etc.). The command-line is trapped and the
      information retrieved then passed to the running copy of NoteTab,
      so there isn't any performance loss to speak of.

      >I have a suggestion for an additional way of running clips from
      >the command line, which may avoid this problem. I read that
      >another text editor (Zeus) runs a script from the command-line
      >via syntax that sends it a DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) command
      >with the script name as a parameter. I know little about DDE,
      >but think it involves sending commands to an already-running
      >program. Perhaps NoteTab could do this as well.

      Eric said that Microsoft has not recommended DDE for years, so he
      will not be using it.

      >Sent: Saturday, April 09, 2005 10:55 AM
      >Hi Jamal,
      >My guess would be that when the start command is sent to NoteTab,
      >it will check the multiple instances feature to see if it is set
      >and will not start up if so. If you run Task Manager, it will not
      >show even a flash of another app/window/instance trying to open,
      >at least that is my experience. When I remember I'll ask Eric "in
      >passing" in another eMail to him sometime.
      >> I run some clips using the command-line syntax, and do not
      >> want additional copies of NoteTab Pro loading into memory.
      >> This is a default setting, which works as expected.
      >> I am curious, however, whether only a single copy is ever in
      >> memory, or whether another copy loads, checks to see if
      >> NoteTab is already running, and if so, activates its window
      >> and terminates. If the latter behavior occurs, I wonder if
      >> there is a slight performance penalty because of a second copy
      >> of the program loading and then being unloaded.

      Happy Clip'n!

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